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Иван Смирнов

Original language: Russian

I recently had a rest in Batumi. I liked the city and its future prospects very much. From all sides the city is being renovated and built up, which attracts tourists. I decided to walk through the construction sites, one of which was Summer Sky. Very beautiful renders, a lot of everything is included in the price, a very tempting offer in terms of price-quality ratio. But there is a fat minus - in fact, the project is not located entirely on the seashore, one might say not on the shore at all. There are many projects under construction around, which will obscure the already unpromising view. You will see the sea, and that is not a fact, from the last floors. Also, the area is more reminiscent of a rural than a resort, many old ugly private houses with vegetable gardens. The road to the construction site has not yet been paved. This is far from a tourist's dream. Although, if someone prefers to rest away from the bustle of the city, this is it. In general, you need to think a hundred times before buying here for the purpose of investing.

Sales manager
Original language: Russian

Ivan, good afternoon. Firstly, thank you for sharing the experience and thanks for the objective feedback. I must say that there are actually much more pluses than minus - the sea view. One of them and the most important is that the company guarantees any buyer an annual income, and this is by agreement, and not just in words. As you said, the area is very cozy and far away from the bustle of the city and traffic jams, the air is fresh ... The new boulevard and the sea are literally at a distance of 250-300 meters, but you must admit that you have to walk and walk :) As for the road, of course it is not asphalted, after all, there must be trucks that will spoil the road surface ... Believe me, by the end of the deadline, everything will be much more beautiful than now on the renders. Wish you a happy shopping. Respectfully, Sky Development

Gor Gor

Original language: Russian

Georgia is a very beautiful country, like Armenia. Unfortunately, there is no sea in Armenia. Therefore, I decided to look for a property on the seashore in Batumi. I went to the Sky project and did not look for anything else. The sea is a stone's throw away, smart home, turnkey renovation, rooftop cafe, swimming pool and playground - where else can I find it all for such little money.

Sales manager
Original language: Russian

Thank you very much for your feedback! We wish you a happy day.

Александра Любимова

Original language: Russian

My second purchase in Georgia. The first one was not very successful, as she took the apartment not on a turnkey basis and was very worn out with the renovation and everything that follows from this. Now I want to take a chance and take a turnkey apartment in the Summer Sky project. The employees of the company were very convincing, and they will make the poor to fork out)) if they work the same way as they convince, then I think we will have no problems with them.

Sales manager
Original language: Russian

Alexandra, good afternoon. If you take a chance, we promise you a guaranteed annual income and champagne :) Respectfully, Sky

Project info

Object ID: 451
Finished at December 2021
Price, m2 From 1050$
Buy online Details
Installment plan Interest-free internal installment with 30% initial payment until December 2021
Bank mortgage
Property type Apart-hotel
Square from 26.20 m2
Floors 15
Apartments 644
Distance to sea 600 m.
Condition Turnkey
Construction type Monolyth
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near supermarket
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About the project

The new project “Sky Development " - " Summer Sky” is located in Batumi. "Summer Sky" is a 15-storey building like an apart-hotel, which will have 14 floors of residential premises and one floor for commercial premises. The building will have 644 residential apartments. During the construction of the building, special attention is paid to comfort and safety. The building offers beautiful views of various recreational areas. The new project includes a well-equipped square, a cafe on the roof of the building, a swimming pool and many other services. The company also offers to equip the house with Smart House technology. Our goal is to create maximum comfort for residents. Manage any equipment, lighting, audio system, shower and garage door on your phone with a single click of your finger from anywhere in the world. The smart home will remember your habits and time schedule, which means that it will fulfill your desires without additional instructions. Also, it will help you reduce taxes. The smart home automatically controls the temperature, the use of electricity, and in the case of leaving the house, turns off all appliances that use excess energy.

We offer an apart-hotel renovated to the European standard.

Complete renovation - ceramic tiles of elegant design in the reception area and kitchen, German laminated floor of the highest quality in the bedroom and living room, walls treated with wallpaper with a raised surface and interior paints, ceiling arranged with moisture-resistant drywall, painted, equipped with a suspended ceiling, bathroom walls and floor are lined with ceramic tiles treated with laser, aluminum doors and windows, entrance door made of durable metal.

Furniture and appliances - bed, kitchen, sink in kitchen, faucet in kitchen, built-in electric hob, table, chair, TV, air conditioning, wardrobe, bedside table, coffee table, mirror for bedroom with chair and desk lamp for a bedside table, electric kettle, hairdryer, clothes dryer, steam iron, water tank, bathroom sink, bathroom faucet, faucet for shower, shower cabin, toilet, fridge, curtain, chandelier. 

Every resident of sky summer will be served by a reception that will provide comfortable, healthy and comfortable living conditions for them.

Free WI-FI , call center, organization of business meetings, taxi service, airport transfer, reception, luggage storage, guide, booking service, tour planning, concierge service.

Fully renovated apartment-furniture, home appliances, smart home.

The roof of the building will be equipped with a lounge, where tables, comfortable chairs and ottomans will be mixed. Residents of Summer Sky can visit the lounge at any time and relax, relax or just spend time with friends and family.


The company "Sky Development" was established" in 2015 by Investment Group "Wealth Management" and since then, has been well-known with its …
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G. Eliava st. 41a, Airport District


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