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Harmonia Condos
Harmonia Condos
From 242900$ / m2
ID: 10131 | 12 floors
Westbury Montréal Phase 3
Westbury Montréal Phase 3
From 3750$ / m2
ID: 9854 | 12 floors
Westbury Montréal Phase 4
Westbury Montréal Phase 4
From 4140$ / m2
ID: 9853 | 12 floors
Vision 62
Vision 62
From 5865$ / m2
ID: 9852 | 6 floors | Townhouse
Vida Lasalle
Vida Lasalle
From 3140$ / m2
ID: 9851 | 3 floors
Prestance Townhouses
Prestance Townhouses
From 3100$ / m2
ID: 9850 | 3 floors | Townhouse
Tour des Canadiens 3
Tour des Canadiens 3
From 7230$ / m2
ID: 9849 | 55 floors
TOM Condos
TOM Condos
From 8220$ / m2
ID: 9847 | 40 floors
Le 1420 Boulevard Mont-Royal
Le 1420 Boulevard Mont-Royal
From 8040$ / m2
ID: 9846 | 9 floors
Symphonia SOL
Symphonia SOL
From 4040$ / m2
ID: 9845 | 12 floors
Symphonia Pop
Symphonia Pop
From 3500$ / m2
ID: 9844 | 31 floors
St-Charles Condos Signature
St-Charles Condos Signature
From 3480$ / m2
ID: 9843 | 3 floors
Solstice Montréal
Solstice Montréal
From 8400$ / m2
ID: 9842 | 44 floors
Sax sur le fleuve
Sax sur le fleuve
From 6800$ / m2
ID: 9841 | 7 floors
Roccabella Sur La Montagne
Roccabella Sur La Montagne
From 6540$ / m2
ID: 9840 | 20 floors
Queen Alix
Queen Alix
From 5500$ / m2
ID: 9839 | 4 floors
Quartier A
Quartier A
From 3700$ / m2
ID: 9838 | 12 floors
Pointe Est
Pointe Est
From 3120$ / m2
ID: 9837 | 3 floors | Townhouse
From 5200$ / m2
ID: 9836 | 8 floors
Humaniti Penthouse Collection
Humaniti Penthouse Collection
From 28000$ / m2
ID: 9835 | 39 floors
TAK Village
TAK Village
From 3670$ / m2
ID: 9834 | 6 floors
Four Seasons Private Residences Montréal
Four Seasons Private Residences Montréal
From 13860$ / m2
ID: 9833 | 16 floors
Eli Condos
Eli Condos
From 5670$ / m2
ID: 9832 | 8 floors
Curtiss Alpha
Curtiss Alpha
From 6240$ / m2
ID: 9831 | 6 floors

New buildings in Montreal

City on the map

Montreal is a city in Canada, located at the confluence of two rivers - Ottawa and St. Lawrence. The territory of the city also includes several nearby small islands.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in a new buildings of Montreal?

Today it is a metropolis with skyscrapers, high-speed highways, a city of historical monuments and a cultural center. Among the most significant industries are aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, tourism, film production, and the computer games industry. The river port of Montreal is the largest in the world.

The climate is continental; the humidity is high. It is hot in summer, in winter it is usually cold and windy.

There are six universities and twelve colleges in Montreal; it has the most students compared to other major cities in North America.

Since the city remains invariably attractive in terms of study, career growth and tourism, many foreign investors would like to invest in real estate in the new buildings of Montreal, in order to rent out their homes or resell at a profit later.

According to experts, the cost of housing in Montreal will rise in price, despite the fact that the market is already warmed up.

Residential complexes in Montreal are being built using the latest technological methods. New buildings in Montreal from the developers offer original engineering solutions and the latest building materials; there are positive reviews on the results of their work as well.

It is possible to buy an apartment from a developer in Montreal at a reasonable cost. According to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine, the lowest price per square meter of turnkey area is 2,000 USD. Sale of apartments from the developers is allowed with payment by installments.

Purchase of apartments from the developers in Montreal by foreigners

Foreigners have the right to purchase apartments without any additional conditions.

Highlights of the city

  • Jacques Cartier bridge;
  • the old Town Hall;
  • Notre Dame with the Sacre Coeur chapel;
  • Notre Dame de Bonscourt;
  • Ramsey Castle;
  • Meredith's house;
  • museums of: Indian art McCord, Pointe-a-Calier, archeology and history, fine arts, humor, modern art, Margaret Aurelius Forten, Margarita d'Uville;
  • Canadian Architecture Center;
  • Concordia University Art Gallery;
  • Florali gardens;
  • old port;
  • Fort Shambly;
  • Kahnavake;
  • Cosmodome;
  • Botanical Garden

and much more.

Areas of the city that are comfortable for life

Westmount is a calm and fashionable area; there is a park with ponds. Rich and famous people live here.

Notre Dame de Grasse is a good option for families, but it is expensive.

Akhunchich is a family area with parks, schools; not far from the city center.

The Plateau area is popular among students and young working professionals.

Mile End, Plateau, Latin Quarter - these are more culturally mixed areas, vibrant in their ethnic diversity.

The Western Island includes suburbs with individual houses and townhouses, a large number of playgrounds and parks; it is in demand for married couples with children.

There are various residential properties in the North Shore area. The South Bank is also good, but you have to get to the city across the bridge.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building of Montreal is a profitable investment taking into account the growth in real estate prices in the medium term and high profitability, as well as the opportunity to live in one of the most prestigious and convenient cities in the world.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Montreal

DistrictPrices, from
Ville-Marie6370$ / m2
Saint-Laurent4040$ / m2
Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce3750$ / m2
Borough of Lachine4900$ / m2
LaSalle3140$ / m2

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Montreal

MetroPrices, from
Saint-Laurent2980$ / m2
Place-des-Arts2980$ / m2
Lucien-/L'Allier3480$ / m2
Square-/Victoria–OACI2980$ / m2
Bonaventure3480$ / m2
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