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Grand Park Sumqayit
Grand Park Sumqayit
From 500$ / m2
ID: 2936 | 18 floors
Sumqayit Baxcha Sheher
Sumqayit Baxcha Sheher
From 350$ / m2
ID: 2935 | 7 floors
Science City
Science City
From 250$ / m2
ID: 2933 | 16 floors
Eko Park
Eko Park
From 410$ / m2
ID: 2931 | 10 floors
Mirvari City
Mirvari City
From 530$ / m2
ID: 2927 | 11 floors
Three Towers
Three Towers
From 410$ / m2
ID: 2926 | 16 floors
Sumqayit Huquq
Sumqayit Huquq
From 470$ / m2
ID: 2924 | 12 floors
Sahil Park Sumgayit
Sahil Park Sumgayit
From 640$ / m2
ID: 2921 | 7 floors
Сумгаит 9-й микрорайон
Сумгаит 9-й микрорайон
From 650$ / m2
ID: 2920 | 16 floors
Sahil Park Sumqayıt 2
Sahil Park Sumqayıt 2
From 630$ / m2
ID: 2919 | 7 floors

New buildings in Sumgait

City on the map

Sumgait is a city located on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. It is the third most populated city in Azerbaijan after Baku and Ganja.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Sumgait in the new buildings?

The coastal eastern city is actively gaining tourist popularity. Hot climate, comfortable conditions and hospitality of local residents are the best prerequisites for this.

The first thing that is of particular interest to guests is the Caspian Sea. In total, there are about 20 beaches with a developed infrastructure. Here, both diving and surfing enthusiasts, and supporters of a quiet family vacation will find a suitable place. The tourist season in Sumgait begins in late spring and lasts until mid-autumn. The largest flow of tourists is in August.

Sumgait beaches are not made of pebbles or sand. They are evenly covered with billions of tiny seashells, bleached by the sea and the sun. The sea here is very warm, beautiful turquoise color. The most beautiful beach - with terraces and a giant staircase descending to the sea from the seaside boulevard, is equipped for all types of outdoor activities: jet skiing, catamarans and water skiing, as well as a water park.

Sumgait is an industrial city in which various industries are represented; a large number of branches of international banks operate here as well. The transport system is at a decent level. Modern electric trains run from Sumgait to Baku. There is public transport in Sumgait itself - buses, taxis and fixed-route taxis.

The peculiarity of the city's layout is its division not into streets with names, but microdistricts with numbers, so the address sounds like a telephone number: the number of the microdistrict, then house number, then apartment number.

Currently Sumgait has changed significantly for the better, having carried out the reconstruction of the entire city: the embankment, parks, central streets, treatment facilities.

There are many medical institutions in Sumgait: hospitals, children's clinics, maternity hospitals, as well as two eye centers.

Since 2007, the environmental situation has significantly improved: a significant number of redundant and ineffective industrial facilities have ceased their operations, and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere have decreased significantly.

The climate in the city is mild continental and semi-desert. The wettest month is April, the driest is July. The holiday season starts in May; August is ideal for relaxing on the beach. Summer precipitation is rare. The average temperature in July is plus 26 degrees, in February - plus 4 degrees.

The city has a university, secondary schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, music and art schools, colleges etc.

Sumgait has been actively developing for a long time. Demand for real estate is high, housing prices are steadily growing.

Residential complexes in Sumgait offer apartments of different classes from economy to elite. Developers have the necessary experience and good quality reviews.

New buildings in Sumgait are being built in compliance with construction technologies. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on the basis of installment plan, taking into account the immediate proximity of the building object to the necessary infrastructure.

Investments in new buildings in Sumgait from the developers bring a stable passive income from rental housing, resale. It is possible to buy real estate in Sumgait in the new buildings for almost any taste, based on material capabilities. According to information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the lowest price per square meter for an apartment in black frame condition is $250.

Features of purchasing apartments in Sumgait from the developers by foreigners

Foreigners have the same rights regarding the purchase of real estate in Azerbaijan as citizens of the country, with the exception of a land plot. Thus, foreigners have the right to buy apartments from the developers in Sumgait without restrictions.

Sights of Sumgait

  • Park named after Nasimi is a place of pilgrimage for newlyweds, and the sculpture Dove of Peace decorating it is a symbol of not only peace, but also family happiness.
  • Hotel-water park AF Hotel. Children will be delighted with many slides, fountains, playgrounds and other water attractions.
  • Two stadiums and a tennis arena with courts, Olympic sports complexes, modern cinemas, well-equipped city squares and parks.

Purchasing an apartment in one of the new buildings in Sumgait is an investment project with the potential to generate a stable income, taking into account the proximity of the sea, resort infrastructure and business activity of the city.

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