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Yigit Park Cankaya
Yigit Park Cankaya
From 490$ / m2
ID: 6260 | 5 floors
Ihlamur Konaklari
Ihlamur Konaklari
From 425$ / m2
ID: 6199 | 4 floors
Goz- Ay
Goz- Ay
From 620$ / m2
ID: 5856 | 4 floors
Aypark Evleri
Aypark Evleri
From 500$ / m2
ID: 5855 | 3 floors
From 730$ / m2
ID: 5853 | 8 floors
Prestij Park Evleri
Prestij Park Evleri
From 340$ / m2
ID: 5852 | 3 floors
Mercan Konutlari
Mercan Konutlari
From 545$ / m2
ID: 5850 | 3 floors
Visne Elit
Visne Elit
From 892$ / m2
ID: 5848 | 3 floors
Capella Park
Capella Park
From 550$ / m2
ID: 5622 | 12 floors

New buildings in Eskişehir

City on the map

Eskişehir is a city in Turkey. It is located on the Porsuk River to the west of Ankara.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Eskişehir in the new buildings?

Although Eskisehir is translated as "old town", it is energetic and young, because the bulk of the inhabitants are young people studying at two universities. In Anatolia, it is an oasis of liberalism and progressive views, very reminiscent of European cities, cozy and compact. Small streets, the smell of fresh bread and coffee cheer up. Many people would like to stay and live in this harmonious world.

At the same time, Eskisehir is not boring and very dynamic: it is the industrial center of the northwestern region and a major transport hub on the way from Istanbul to Ankara. The city has enterprises for the production of agricultural machinery, aircraft, locomotives and building materials. And one more thing: only in Eskisehir a unique and useful mineral is mined - "sea foam", porous and fibrous, known as the world's best ornamental material.

There are two large universities in the city, Anadolu University and Eskişehir Osmangazi University, thus there is significant potential for investors in new buildings in Eskisehir: a category of people engaged in business and students who are actively interested in buying and, to an even greater extent, renting housing.

The location of the city is very picturesque, since it’s located along the banks of the Porsuk River on a wide plateau. Eskisehir is great for cycling.

The climate here is continental: hot, dry summers, when the air temperature is kept within + 30 ° C and above and snowy winters when the temperature drops below 0°C. The snow cover is stable in winter and it rains in the off-season. Anyone who loves the change of seasons and misses the snow can get what they want here. In this city, all seasons are presented in their classic and not very tough version in terms of temperature, there is plenty of everything: sun, rain and snow.

Residential complexes in Eskisehir offer a large number of housing, built in compliance with advanced construction technologies. Turkish specialists have significant experience and positive feedback on quality. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out on installment plan basis, various promotions and discounts are offered. New buildings in Eskisehir from the developers guarantee investor-buyer perfect communications and modern layout thought out to the smallest detail.

Considering that this is a city of both business people and students who come both for the purpose of buying and renting, investments in real estate in Eskisehir in the new buildings will bring passive income (renting out, resale), which, taking into account the rise in prices (the cost of housing in Turkey has a steady upward trend) in the medium term will remain quite high and will even grow.

It is possible to buy an apartment from one of the developers in Eskisehir inexpensively. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space is $340 (apartments in black frame condition).

In which districts the most housing from developers is being sold?

Leadership in the construction and sales of residential complexes in 2020 belongs to the area near Tepebashi district - 11,977 housing units were built.

Acquisition of apartments in Eskisehir from the developers by foreigners

There are no restrictions on the purchase of apartments in Eskisehir by foreigners.

Some of the sights the city has to offer:

  • Museum of "sea foam", where hundreds of exhibits from extraordinary material are presented;
  • The old district of the city - Odunpazary, winding streets with typical two or three-storey wooden houses;
  • Complex of the Kurshunlu mosque;
  • The city Archaeological Museum with the richest collection of exhibits dating back to the Neolithic era;
  • Aviation Museum.

New buildings in Eskisehir represent pragmatic solution for business and life, focused on the development potential of the city.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Eskisehir

DistrictPrices, from
Camlica340$ / m2
Batikent500$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Eskisehir

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