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Kayi Erzurum
Kayi Erzurum
From 450$ / m2
ID: 6058 | 10 floors
ObaKent Karskapi
ObaKent Karskapi
From 450$ / m2
ID: 6057 | 9 floors
Karizma Gold Residence
Karizma Gold Residence
From 340$ / m2
ID: 6053 | 6 floors
Yesil Yakutiye
Yesil Yakutiye
From 250$ / m2
ID: 6048 | 12 floors
Sehristan Konutlari
Sehristan Konutlari
From 330$ / m2
ID: 6046 | 12 floors
Kervansaray Konutlari
Kervansaray Konutlari
From 380$ / m2
ID: 6044 | 12 floors

New buildings in Erzurum

Location and climate

Erzurum is a city in northeastern Turkey, located on a mountain plateau about two thousand meters above sea level. The climate here is mountainous, with large fluctuations in daily temperature. The high altitude makes this city one of the coolest in the country.

Buying an apartment in Erzurum in a new building becomes more profitable

The economy depends mainly on agriculture, farming industries, marble mining, furniture manufacturing and winter tourism. Alpine Erzurum grants with coolness, which is strikingly different from the usual hot, beach part of Turkey.

Tourists are primarily attracted by three world-class ski resorts: Palandoken (near the city), Konakli and Kandilli (in the vicinity). The most popular among them is Palandoken, located in the mountains of the same name, the distance to it from the city center is four kilometers, and fifteen kilometers from the airport. The ski season starts in November and ends only in April. During this period, the temperature can reach minus twenty degrees Celsius and even lower. Since Turkey is a fairly compact country, tourists who come to practice alpine skiing may, after a few hours, find themselves on the beaches of the Turkish Mediterranean, which makes their vacation unique in terms of a variety of impressions.

The airport receives the largest number of passengers in winter. Tourists in the winter season actively rent housing, including in the new buildings. Transport is represented not only by taxis, but also by buses running inside and outside the city.

Erzurum hosts Ataturk University (the oldest in Turkey) and it’s students are also tenants of the primary housing. As investors are attracted by the opportunity to receive rental income, the demand for Erzurum real estate in the new buildings is growing.

Residential complexes in Erzurum are being built in accordance with high quality standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out within the framework of the law.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new building from a developer in Erzurum (apartment handed over in black frame condition) is 250 USD.

Popular places to visit

  • Big mosque
  • Madrasah Yakutia
  • Lake and waterfall Tortum Gelu
  • Hydropathic center Pasinler
  • Mausoleums of Uch-Kumbetler
  • Fortress Erzurum

Conditions for buying apartments in Erzurum from the developers by foreigners

The sale of apartments to foreigners is prohibited in military zones, regions considered strategic. These zones are determined by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Turkey. Foreign investors can buy an apartment from a developer in Erzurum on the same terms as the citizens of the country.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Erzurum is an investment with the aim of generating rental income in the city of ski tourism and students.

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