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Kulak Kiyiboyu Evleri
Kulak Kiyiboyu Evleri
From 440$ / m2
ID: 6399 | 15 floors
Nergis Bahce
Nergis Bahce
From 310$ / m2
ID: 6230 | 16 floors
İnci City
İnci City
From 300$ / m2
ID: 5635 | 15 floors

New buildings in Adana

City on the map

Adana is a city in Turkey by the Seyhan River, 50 km from the Mediterranean coast.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Adana in the new buildings?

The historical roots of Adana go back far into the past, to the beginning of the first millennium BC. After the city fell under the onslaught of the Ottomans in the 16th century, there is almost nothing left from the Byzantine period, however, there are separate historical sites to visit for tourists.

Today the city has become a modern metropolis with a population of one and a half million, the fourth in the country in terms of the number of inhabitants.

Adana's well-being continues to depend heavily on the fertility of the Chukurova Plain. The textile industry originated around these cotton fields. The city is also a major gold trading center. In addition, the chemical and food industries are well developed as well.

Transport infrastructure is at a good level, there is a subway, an international airport located 3.5 km away from the city.

Adana is located in the classic Mediterranean climate zone. Summer is hot, with infrequent rains; winter is humid, rather mild, sometimes frost occurs and snow falls.

A vibrant and varied cultural life is one of the city's specialties. Every year, exciting performances with the participation of the world's best artists are shown at concert venues; theater performances are a good tradition here. Festivals are organized regularly.

Adana ranks fifth in the country in terms of the number of universities - there are three of them. Applicants come to the city who rent housing for the period of study and the demand for it is growing. Thus, investors in new buildings in Adana have a certain potential for capital investments and receiving passive income from the rental of primary housing, its resale.

Residential complexes in Adana are being built in compliance with advanced construction technologies. Turkish builders have significant experience and positive feedback on the quality of construction. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out, as a rule, on installment plan basis, various promotions and discounts are offered.

New buildings in Adana from the developers have new high-tech communications and modern layout of apartments.

Taking into account the rise in prices (housing in Turkey has a steady upward trend, as clearly underestimated especially in resort cities, and also due to the increase in the cost of building materials) in the medium term, the income of investors from rental housing will be high.

To buy an apartment from a developer in Adana is still quite inexpensive. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a black frame condition is $300.

Conditions for the acquisition of housing by foreigners

There are no restrictions for foreigners, they can buy apartments in Adana from the developers.

Attractions of the city and its surroundings

  • Archaeological Museum
  • ethnographical museum
  • Roman stone bridge over the Seyhan river
  • Ulu Mosque
  • tomb of Khalil-bey
  • clock tower
  • artificial lake Seikhan Barrages with a bird sanctuary
  • viaduct Varda
  • Kyzykalesi (Maiden's Castle)

In which area is it better to buy property in Adana in the new buildings?

A large-scale reconstruction project is being implemented in the Yuregir district, which consists of the construction of new modern residential areas.

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Adana is an investment with the prospect of increasing passive income in a port and resort town, an opportunity to live comfortably in the Mediterranean region.

New buildings in the districts of Adana

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