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From 5470$ / m2
ID: 16633 | 8 floors
Prata Riverside Village
Prata Riverside Village
From 8420$ / m2
ID: 12202 | 12 floors
From 5620$ / m2
ID: 12198 | 2 floors
Duque 70
Duque 70
From 8215$ / m2
ID: 12192 | 6 floors
Alcantara Lofts
Alcantara Lofts
From 8586$ / m2
ID: 12128 | 3 floors
Luis Bivar 91
Luis Bivar 91
From 8385$ / m2
ID: 12126 | 6 floors
Tejo Living
Tejo Living
From 6152$ / m2
ID: 12125 | 6 floors
Picoas Belair
Picoas Belair
From 7140$ / m2
ID: 12124 | 6 floors
Washington 46
Washington 46
From 7223$ / m2
ID: 12121 | 5 floors
Fontana Residence
Fontana Residence
From 8177$ / m2
ID: 12120 | 6 floors
Lux Prime Benfica
Lux Prime Benfica
From 5515$ / m2
ID: 12089 | 8 floors
Areeiro Prime
Areeiro Prime
From 5633$ / m2
ID: 12085 | 6 floors
Unique Belem
Unique Belem
From 7750$ / m2
ID: 12064 | 4 floors
Visconde Santarem Saldanha
Visconde Santarem Saldanha
From 7192$ / m2
ID: 12043 | 4 floors
JC14 POP Saldanha
JC14 POP Saldanha
From 9845$ / m2
ID: 12038 | 6 floors

New buildings in Lisbon

City on the map

Lisbon is the capital, the largest city and main port of Portugal. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula about 15 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Tagus River, which makes it the westernmost point of continental Europe.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in the new buildings of Lisbon?

It is customary to divide the city into old and new parts. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. It is centuries older than London and Paris. It was built on hills with picturesque views from anywhere. Lisbon is charming and visually shifted in time when you see its historic districts.

The main industrial areas of the city: metallurgy, chemical, oil refining, machine building, shipbuilding, ship repair and automotive. The electronic, woodworking, food industries, the production of glass and ceramic products, pharmaceuticals, textiles and clothing are also of great importance for the city. The sphere of tourist services is especially significant for the country.

The seaport of Lisbon serves most of the country's sea cargo; Lisbon airport serves international airlines and railways stretch everywhere across Europe.

 Lisbon has a modern education system in various fields: the University of Lisbon, the Naval Academy, the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Music, the Catholic University, the National Conservatory and the Military Academy.

A stable political situation, a comfortable and safe social environment, a decent standard of living, successes in the economy and programs designed to attract investment bring results. According to experts, Lisbon is located in a group of cities that are especially interesting for investors, most of which choose real estate for investment among the new buildings.

Due to the growing demand and limited supply, which does not fully satisfy it, rental prices are growing rapidly. In general, the cost of buying real estate in the new buildings is still slightly lower than in most other European cities and its profitability is higher.

Lisbon is located in a zone of comfortable climate with not cold winters and long hot summers. The beach season is from March to October. The beaches have been awarded the honorary Blue Flag for their cleanliness.

The demand for residential developments in Lisbon is growing rapidly. Primary real estate attracts French people who see the city as an ideal destination for family vacations, while buyers from the Middle East and Scandinavia love the climate. The sale of apartments from developers is aimed at investors from all over the world.

Investing in real estate in the new buildings is profitable, given the high return on investment, which stimulates new demand. Customer reviews confirm the good quality of the facilities being built.

You can buy an apartment from a developer in Lisbon at a reasonable price (considering EU standards). The minimum price per square meter of space in black frame condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine) is $5,515.

Purchase of apartments from the developer in Lisbon by foreigners

Non-residents have the right to buy apartments in the new buildings without any restrictions.

Highlights of the city

  • maritime museum;
  • a monument to the discoverers;
  • the Church of Santa Engracia and the National Pantheon of Portugal;
  • the monastery of San Vicente de Flora;
  • Lisbon Cathedral;
  • observation deck of Monte Agudo;
  • National Museum of Costume and Fashion;
  • Karmo square;
  • Figueira square;
  • Reshtauradoresh square;
  • the square of the Marquis of Pombal;
  • observation deck Amoreirash;
  • the monument to Dr. Souza Martins;
  • Alfama district;
  • park of nations

And not only this…

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Lisbon is a status and profitable investment with a high rental and profit from resale in a city of tourist popularity, developed infrastructure and excellent economic prospects.

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Lisbon

MetroPrices, from
Arroios5633$ / m2
Anjos5633$ / m2
Campo Pequeno5470$ / m2
Intendente6152$ / m2
Saldanha5470$ / m2
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