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Willa Monte
Willa Monte
From 5270$ / m2
ID: 2672 | 4 floors | Cottage
Apartamenty Zakopianskie
Apartamenty Zakopianskie
From 1500$ / m2
ID: 2669 | 5 floors | Apart-hotel

New buildings in Zakopane

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Zakopane is the southernmost and most mountainous city in Poland, located in a valley between the Tatras and the Gubalowka mountain range, 120 kilometers away from Krakow (an hour and a half by car), not far from the border with Slovakia.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Zakopane?

Today the rapid growth of Poland's popularity among real estate investors is evident. The increased demand, respectively, leads to an increase in property prices.

Polish Zakopane is a tourism center called the "winter capital" of Poland. It receives over two million guests annually and is popular both in winter and summer. Of course, special attention is riveted to this city. Unusual views of mountain peaks covered with snow, the opportunity to go skiing, hiking in the magnificent Tatra National Park, possibility to get acquainted with folklore, traditional music and the unique style of wooden architecture of the Gurals (Polish highlanders) - all this attracts guests, buyers and investors here.

The climate in the city is moderate. The winters are sunny, snowy and warm, the temperature does not drop below ten degrees Celsius, the summers are cool up to +15 degrees Celsius. This is a wonderful place for active recreation and peaceful contemplation of nature.

The ski season is from December to April. The resort has four magnificent ski slopes equipped with lifts, the length of the slopes is eighty kilometers. Velka Krokiew is the largest ski jump in the country. It is pleasant to spend evenings here in lovely restaurants and pubs. In summer, hiking trails are offered on the slopes of Mount Giewont, a cable car excursion to the top of Mount Kasprowy Vierch (you can enjoy panoramic views while standing with one foot in Poland and the other in Slovakia).

For such an attractive location, high housing prices are almost the rule. The price formation is influenced by the high tourist potential and, as a result, the thriving rental market. The demand for new buildings in Zakopane that offers new communications, is especially growing.

Residential complexes in Zakopane offer objects erected in compliance with European building codes and requirements, the necessary infrastructure is also provided in the immediate vicinity: underground parkings, playgrounds, schools and supermarkets. Polish builders have significant experience and positive feedback on the quality of construction. New buildings in Zakopane from the developers offer modern and comfortable layouts.

Investments in real estate in Zakopane in the new buildings will bring consistently high passive income (rent, resale). You can buy apartments in Zakopane in the new buildings for every taste, taking into account, however, certain material possibilities. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum cost per square meter of space in black frame condition in an apart-hotel is $1,500, in an elite-class villa the price per square meter can reach up to $5,270.

Features of purchasing apartments in Zakopane from the developers by foreigners

If the objects of the transaction are not villas, houses in rural areas or border zones, plots of land with an area exceeding one hectare, when a purchase permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland is required, the sale of apartments from developers to foreign citizens is completely free.

What else to see besides the wonderful landscapes of the resort

  • Pedestrian shopping street Krupówki;
  • The Tatra Museum with a collection of folk art, with samples of local flora and fauna;
  • the church of the Czestochowa Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (nineteenth century);
  • An old cemetery with tombstones and monuments carved from wood - the works of talented mountain artisans;
  • wooden chalets in the Zakopane style;
  • gallery of artist Vladislav Khasior.

Apartments in the new buildings in Zakopane - an expensive investment is justified in order to obtain maximum passive income, combined with the possibility of a pleasant stay in a comfortable European resort.

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