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New buildings in Slupsk

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Slupsk is a Polish old town located on the banks of the Slupi River, eighteen kilometers from the Baltic Sea. The population of the city is just under 105,000 inhabitants.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Slupsk?

Slupsk is an important economic, cultural, scientific and tourist center, part of the Pomeranian Voivodeship with the center in Gdansk. Since the end of the nineties, the Slupsk Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) has been operating in Slupsk. The dynamic development of the city is ensured by the activities of banks, leasing partnerships, foreign and joint enterprises of the timber processing, light, food (mainly fish) industries, producing world-class products, as well as the Slupsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Slupsk Community of Economic Innovations and Entrepreneurship.

The tourism industry is booming. In the city, previously built boarding houses and sanatoriums have been converted to modern standards, many new hotels have been erected. Offers from private landlords in the Slupsk residential complex are also considered by numerous tourists - Poles, residents of Europe and the CIS countries: someone comes for the sake of clean air and the Baltic Sea, while others enjoy the atmosphere of world famous festivals.

History and modernity intertwine in Slupsk, which leaves unforgettable pleasant memories for the guests of the city. Little Slupsk is very well-groomed, there are many parks, squares, flower beds, the air is crystal clear, in the evenings you can even hear the cry of seagulls.

The climate of Slupsk is continental, maritime: cool summers (temperatures from +11°C to +21) and not cold winters (usually the temperature does not drop below −5°C), which will seem comfortable to many visiting guests, buyers and investors who do not like hot or very cold weather.

In the city, everything is in order with education - there are educational institutions:

  • Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and Management,
  • Pomeranian Academy,
  • Graduate School of Economic Engineering,
  • Graduate School of Administration Hanseatic.

Consequently, investments in new buildings in Slupsk from the developers generate income from renting out apartments to students of these institutions.

Why are Poland and Slupsk attractive to people from all over the world (especially from the post-Soviet space - Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia), including active and young people?!

  • High quality of life and growing economy;
  • Opportunity to find a job and give children good education;
  • Accessibility of travel within the EU.

What else becomes available if:

  • the economy is fundamentally sound;
  • a dream job is found;
  • the salary level is high ?!

Apartments in the new buildings in Slupsk! Buying a home for the purpose of renting out or permanent, comfortable living has become commonplace for those who come here in search of work or have already found it.

Residential complexes in Slupsk offer objects erected in compliance with European building codes and requirements, the necessary infrastructure is provided in the immediate vicinity: underground parkings, playgrounds, schools, supermarkets. The city is compact, and the area in which the housing will be located is not particularly important. The sale of apartments from developers, as a rule, provides for rather favorable conditions: promotions, discounts, payment by installments, which can significantly reduce the price.

Of course, the city is, first of all, interesting for life, nevertheless, the issue of investing in real estate in Slupsk in the new buildings with the aim of investing in order to receive passive income from renting out is very promising, given the tourist attractiveness of the city, a significant number of enterprises that attract foreign workers and the presence of educational institutions where numerous students come to study.

You can buy apartments in the new buildings in Slupsk at a reasonable price. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in black frame condition is $1,150.

Features of purchasing apartments in Slupsk from the developers by foreigners

The purchase of real estate in Slupsk by a foreign citizen is completely free, except for cases when the objects of the transaction are

  • villas,
  • houses in rural areas or border areas,
  • pieces of land with an area exceeding one hectare.

In this case, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland must issue a purchase permit, prior to the receipt of which, both the buyer and the information about the building or land are checked.

Highlights of the city


  • Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes (1508),
  • Witch Tower (15th century)
  • Town Hall (neo-gothic monument)
  • Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul (13th c)
  • Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • St. Mary's Church (14th century)
  • Dominican Church of St. Jacek (14th century)
  • Museum of Central Pomerania
  • the bell tower of the Church of St. Virgin Mary - its own leaning tower


  • Polish piano music
  • cultures of the East "Mundus Orientalis"
  • jazz "Komeda Jazz"


  • Professional new theater
  • Puppet theater "Rainbow"
  • "Rondo" (amateur)

Sports clubs:

  • basketball "Black Energy"
  • football "Gryf 95 Slupsk"
  • handbol "Slupia"
  • volleyball "Black"

New buildings in Slupsk are a good investment with high profitability, a comfortable full-fledged life for individual development and family happiness.

New buildings in the districts of Slupsk

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