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Prestige City
Prestige City
From 1490$ / m2
ID: 9147 | 2 floors
Apartamenty Prestige
Apartamenty Prestige
From 1200$ / m2
ID: 2572 | 3 floors

New buildings in Skawina

City on the map

Skawina is a city in Poland, on the Skawinka River (right tributary of the Vistula).

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Skawina?

The developing economy, high quality of life, the opportunity to get a good education and find a job, to have all the advantages of traveling across the territory of the European Union attract active young people to Poland from all over the world and largely from the post-Soviet space: from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

Skawina is a small town in which a large French plant Valeo began operating in 2001 for the production of optics, radiators and electrical equipment for vehicles, which created thousands of jobs. This small Polish town fascinates: the old center, a square without pretentious monuments, colorful "gingerbread" houses of the old buildings, in which, in addition to shops and apartments, there are as many as two pastry shops and a bakery. But the park is not "toy", but quite "adult" size: a large meadow, a pond and a bridge, benches, outdoor sports grounds with exercise equipment and playgrounds.

There are educational institutions in the city that live an active creative life, in particular, on the basis of the technical and economic lyceum in the city of Skawina, the Regional Creative Festival of Foreign Languages is regularly held, in which pupils of lyceums, gymnasiums and technical schools from cities of the Małopolskie Voivodeship take part. If there is a desire to send children to other educational institutions in Poland, then this can be done in Krakow.

Of course, the city is, first of all, interesting for life, nevertheless, the issue of investing in residential real estate for the purpose of investing is also promising. The city has low-rise cozy new buildings, housing in which can attract potential tenants and buyers.

Compared to secondary housing, new buildings in Skawina from the developers are really more and more relevant. The cost of housing is comparable to the secondary housing, however, the sale of apartments from developers, as a rule, is carried out on installment plan basis, various promotions and discounts are offered, in addition, new buildings in Skawina guarantee investors or simply buyers new communications and modern planning.

Real estate prices in Skawina in the new buildings are gradually increasing, and there is every opportunity to receive passive income from both rental and resale at a higher price in the medium term.

Residential complexes of Skawina offer objects built in compliance with European building codes and requirements, the necessary infrastructure is provided in the immediate vicinity: underground parkings, playgrounds, schools and supermarkets.

You can buy an apartment in Skawina in the new buildings at a reasonable price. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum cost per square meter of space is $1,200 ( apartments in black frame condition).

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

The purchase of apartments in Skawina by an individual is completely free, except for cases when the objects of the transaction are villas, houses in rural areas or border zone, plots of land with the area of more than one hectare. Then the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs must issue a special permit, for which a check is carried out, both of the buyer and of the information about the building or land.

Attractions of the city and its surroundings

There are just a few attractions in this small town, since its value is in a calm flow of time, combining work and quiet relaxation, as in an ordinary residential area. It is easy to delve deeper into history and culture, contemplating great monuments, enjoy the spectacle of a modern big city, feeling its pace and rhythm. To do this, you just need to go to Krakow, which is only 17 km away. This can be done both by car and by train.

It is worth visiting in Skawina itself and the Lesser Poland Voivodeship:

  • The Hevra Thilim Synagogue;
  • Skavinsky town hall;
  • Manor in Korabniki.

An apartment in the new buildings in Skawina is an investment in a calm measured reality. This is reliability, correct calculation and perspective.

New buildings in the districts of Skawina

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