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Partyzantow 14
Partyzantow 14
From 1300$ / m2
ID: 8959 | 4 floors
Osiedle Piotrowskiego
Osiedle Piotrowskiego
From 1300$ / m2
ID: 8958 | 4 floors
Bitwy Warszawskiej
Bitwy Warszawskiej
From 1350$ / m2
ID: 8956 | 4 floors

New buildings in Siedlce

City on the map

Siedlce is a city in eastern Poland, it is about 96 kilometers away from Warsaw.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Siedlce?

Poland is attracting investors with its developing economy, quality of life, the ability to freely conduct business, receive a good education and quality medicine, and have all the benefits of traveling across the European Union.

Siedlce is small, cozy city with little shops, flower beds and pots on poles. It’s very comfortable for life. It is also an industrial center with a poultry farm, a metalwork plant, a dairy plant, many private firms, furniture production and construction companies. The city is located in a zone of warm climate. Another advantage of the city is its compactness: it does not take much time to move from one part of the city to another.

In recent years, the city has literally changed: new cafes and restaurants have appeared, chain stores and shopping centers have opened, and a modern water park has been erected. There is also a state higher educational institution - the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, which offers innovative teaching methods. A rare feature of this university has become an equestrian sports complex located on its territory, which is attended by all students. The university operates at an international level, you can study and intern at foreign universities throughout Europe under the Erasmus exchange program. There is also a non-state higher educational institution in the city - the Higher Innovative School.

The presence of a large number of students - potential tenants and buyers of real estate creates a demand, especially for small-sized inexpensive apartments and, thereby, attracts investors who invest in buying such real estate for the purpose of renting or resale. Investments in real estate in Siedlce in new buildings thus generate passive income. It is profitable to buy several apartments at the same time for their subsequent resale.

Compared to secondary housing, new buildings in Siedlce from the developers are becoming more and more attractive. Their cost is comparable to the secondary housing, however, the sale of apartments from developers, as a rule, is carried out on installment plan basis, various promotions and discounts are offered, besides, investors or buyers receive new communications and modern layouts.

Residential complexes in Siedlce offer housing built in compliance with European building codes and requirements. Developers have positive quality reviews.

You can buy an apartment in Siedlce in the new buildings at a reasonable price. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum cost per square meter of space is $ 1,300 (apartments in black frame condition).

Where and what apartments to buy?

There are not so many new buildings yet. They are low-rise, so there will be no problems with elevators, cleanliness and comfort. At the same time, given that the process of building primary housing is only gaining momentum and young people are coming to the city, it is obvious that the demand for apartments in Siedlce from the developers will only grow.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Buying apartments in Siedlce by an individual is completely free. The restrictions apply only to those cases when the objects of the transaction are villas, houses in rural areas or on the border zone, as well as plots of land exceeding one hectare.Then the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs must issue a special permit, for which a check is carried out, both of the buyer and of the information about the building or land.

The city's attractions

  • Church and Palace of the Czartoryski family (currently it houses the local history museum);
  • Monument to Kosciuszko;
  • Parish Church of St. Stanislav Bishop;
  • The Oginsky Palace (currently it houses the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities and a landscape park);
  • an artificial lake with good infrastructure: jogging tracks, sports ground and dedicated barbecue areas.

Apartment in the new buildings of Siedlce - a project for a quiet life and foresight in the acquisition. Investing in measured happiness is a lossless investment.

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