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Osiedle Bema
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New buildings in Piaseczno

City on the map

Piaseczno is a city in the Mazovian region of Poland, 17 kilometers away from Warsaw. It has a population of over 50,000 inhabitants.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Piaseczno?

A high quality of life, growing economy, opportunity to find jobs, give children good education and travel across the EU have recently attracted active young people to Poland from all over the world and, to a large extent, from the post-Soviet space: from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Small cozy Piasechno is rapidly developing (it is recognized as the most attractive city for business according to Forbes magazine in 2010). It is facilitated by its location - proximity to the capital, head offices of many foreign companies are located here, new residential complexes are being built.

In Piaseczno, the climate is temperate, the average annual temperature is 9.3°C, the warmest month is July with an average temperature of +20.1°C, January has the lowest average temperature in the year of only 2°C, which is relatively not cold.

The tourism industry is also booming here. Someone comes for the sake of clean air, fishing and picnics on the banks of the Jezerka and Struga rivers, while others come to immerse themselves in the historical atmosphere. History and modernity intertwine on the streets of Piaseczno,

New buildings in Piaseczno from the developers provide housing, built in compliance with European building standards and the availability of the necessary infrastructure: underground parkings, playgrounds, schools and supermarkets. The city is compact, and the area in which residential complexes are being built in Piaseczno is not particularly important. Experts from GEOLN.COM don’t recommend to purchase housing in the lowlands, since a high level of groundwater when rivers flood in the spring can lead to flooding.

Buying apartments in the new buildings in Piaseczno are an ideal option for foreigners who can live on a permanent or temporary basis, enjoying the clean ecology of the Mazovian region and its beautiful views, as well as a chance to get permanent residence.

Of course, the city is, first of all, interesting for life, nevertheless, the issue of investing in real estate in Piaseczno in the new buildings with the aim of investing in order to obtain passive income from renting out is very promising, given the tourist attractiveness of the city. The sale of apartments from developers, as a rule, provides for rather favorable conditions: promotions, discounts, payment by installments.

You can buy apartments in Piaseczno in the new building at a reasonable price. According to the property search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum cost per square metering apartments in a turnkey condition is $1,480.

Features of purchasing an apartment in Piaseczno from the developers by foreigners

The purchase of real estate in Piaseczno by foreign citizens is completely free, except in cases where the objects of the transaction are a villas, houses in rural areas or border zones, plots of land with an area exceeding one hectare. In such cases, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland must issue a purchase permit, before receiving which a thorough check of buyer and information about the building or land is carried out.

Where to go, what to see

It is worth visiting in Piaseczno:

  • Town hall in the style of classicism (1823-1824),
  • Church complex of St. Anna (16 century),
  • Suburban station Grojecka (1914) and a narrow gauge railway with an operating steam locomotive carrying numerous tourists,
  • Crafts Museum, where you can buy handmade souvenirs,
  • Wild West City Amusement Park,
  • Skate park,
  • Paintball Park "Runow Adrenaline",
  • Fitness club "Green Up".

New buildings in Piaseczno - a project that makes it possible to live in environmentally friendly conditions in the immediate vicinity of the capital - Warsaw.

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