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El Tower
El Tower
From 1130$ / m2
ID: 8221 | 8 floors
Baltic Sun
Baltic Sun
From 1540$ / m2
ID: 2028 | 3 floors
Grodzienska Residence
Grodzienska Residence
From 1020$ / m2
ID: 2025 | 1 floor
Regal Park
Regal Park
From 1310$ / m2
ID: 2023 | 13 floors
Korona Elblaga
Korona Elblaga
From 1380$ / m2
ID: 2021 | 7 floors
Kamienica Staromiejska
Kamienica Staromiejska
From 1500$ / m2
ID: 2017 | 4 floors
Osiedle Sadowa
Osiedle Sadowa
From 1180$ / m2
ID: 2016 | 4 floors
Osiedle Kowienska
Osiedle Kowienska
From 940$ / m2
ID: 2014 | 1 floor

New buildings in Elblag

City on the map

Elblag is a city in Poland on the river of the same name.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments from the developers in Elblag?

The city is dominated by machine-building, automobile, food industries, as well as brewing and furniture manufacturing enterprises.

A transport hub was put into operation, shortening the route from Warsaw, Gdansk to Elblag and Kaliningrad. A seaport and a tram network have been built with grants from the European Union, and the Old Town has been restored.

In addition, the city is well preserved in archaeological terms, despite the destruction during the Second World War. Its city museum has rare exhibits (one example is the medieval elevator).

There are two universities here, that is, quite a lot of students who are also tenants of residential premises for the period of study.

The city is developing and looking for investors, offering attractive territories and facilities for investment, a rich resource base, technical infrastructure, as well as the potential of highly qualified specialists and it also has interesting proposals for housing construction.

Already built new buildings in Elblag from the developers have a fairly well-developed infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the object. Residential complexes in Elblag are being built according to European standards. Developers have professional experience and receive positive feedback on the quality of their work. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on installment plan basis. Investments in new buildings in Elblag generate income (rent, resale).

The demand for real estate in Elblag in the new buildings is growing. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter for an apartment in Elblag in black frame condition is 940 USD, which is inexpensive, considering the standards of the European market.

Features of the acquisition of real estate by foreigners

Foreigners can buy apartments in Elblag in the new buildings completely freely. Only when the objects of the transaction are villas, houses in rural areas or border zones, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs checks both the buyer and the information about the building or land, and then issues a special permit, in case of a positive result.

What to see?

  • Church of St. Nicholas;
  • Market gate;
  • Ruins of the Teutonic Castle;
  • Church of St. George (Jerzy);
  • Church of St. Mary;
  • Church of Blessed Dorothy;
  • Church of St. Wojciech.

There are shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, quest studio, a unique family amusement park.

Purchasing an apartment in one of the new buildings in Elblg is undoubtedly a promising investment project in a developing city for generating passive income and for living in a cozy and calm city.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Elblag

DistrictPrices, from
Bielany940$ / m2
Old Town1500$ / m2
Copernicus1310$ / m2
Behind the University of Technology1180$ / m2
Truso1380$ / m2
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