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Promenade Burabay
Promenade Burabay
From 760$ / m2
ID: 2983 | 3 floors | Cottage

New buildings in Kokshetau

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Kokshetau is a city in Kazakhstan, located in the northern part of the country on the southeastern shore of the large semi-freshwater lake Kopa and the southern outskirts of the Ishim plain, with a population of more than 145,000 people.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Kokshetau?

It is a favorite tourist destination in the country. Geographers call the local landscapes "Kazakh Switzerland", once again recalling the landscape diversity. The city has clean air, it is surrounded by beautiful nature - just several tens of kilometers away you can find yourself in the mountains, in a spruce forest or on the shore of a beautiful lake. It is no coincidence that the year-round resorts of Zerenda and Burabay (Borovoe) are located here, where you can not only improve your health, but also just have a good rest.

There are machine building and metalworking, food industry, mining, enterprises for the production of building materials. Two universities, institutes and academies are ready to accept applicants, that is, there are a lot of students in the city who are potential tenants of housing in new buildings.

Several highways of republican and local importance pass through the city, planes are received by an international airport.

Thus, the city's infrastructure is sufficiently developed to expand the demand for domestic tourism.

Climatic manifestations are expressed in pronounced seasonal temperature fluctuations from cold winters to hot summers.

The demand for new buildings in Kokshetau from the developers is steadily growing. Real estate in Kokshetau in the new buildings, first of all, is attractive for young residents who connect their fate (life and professional career) with their hometown, for those who come here from the countryside, for people from the post-Soviet countries or specialists working in the relevant industries represented in the city.

Apartments in Kokshetau from the developers have new communications and more convenient layouts. The sale of apartments from developers provides for infrastructural bonuses: the proximity of playgrounds, as well as schools, kindergartens and supermarkets. Investing in real estate in new buildings can generate passive rental and resale income.

Residential complexes in Kokshetau - housing erected in accordance with modern requirements. Apartments in the new buildings in Kokshetau can be purchased at a reasonable price. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of an apartment in black frame condition is $760.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners who have received a residence permit in Kazakhstan can buy apartments in Kokshetau in the new building.

Where to go, what to see

  • Akmola Regional Museum of History and Local Lore;
  • Museum of the history of the city of Kokshetau;
  • Kokshetau National Park;
  • Aiganym Manor;
  • Island on Lake Imantau;
  • Bottleneck of Lake Shalkar;
  • Lake Ayyrtauchik.

New buildings in Kokshetau are attractive, first of all, for life, since they are being built in the city where the infrastructure is developed, a lot of work opportunities and where the air is clean and there are prospects for development.

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