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Pearl of Ureki
Pearl of Ureki
From 800$ / m2
ID: 1001 | 12 floors

New buildings in Ureki

Ureki on the map

Ureki is a settlement in the Ozurgeti municipality of the Guria region of the Republic of Georgia. It is famous for its beaches with sands with special medicinal properties. It is located on the Black Sea coast, 60 kilometers north of Batumi and 10 kilometers south of Poti.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Ureki in new buildings?

The answer is simple: purchasing apartments in new buildings in Ureki is becoming a start-up project for investors, focused on obvious advantages. The village is a seaside resort, comfortable for residents and guests. The key advantage is the natural originality of the area. The sea in Ureki is shallow and safe for children. But it's not just that. The black volcanic magnetic sand, which has a scientifically proven therapeutic and physiotherapeutic effect is particularly valued. It is believed that he has no analogues in the world. The magnetic field promotes an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, regenerates tissues and strengthens the immune system.

Infrastructure facilities are located along the entire coastline: sanatoriums, beach bungalows, cafes and all kinds of traditional water activities. A forest area of eucalyptus and pine trees adjoins the beach, which makes the air less humid and healthier in general.

Real estate in Ureki in new buildings becomes more and more attractive to buyers and investors. Some of the reasons for it are favorable ecological environment of the region, the liberal migration legislation of Georgia form a growing demand for new buildings in Ureki from developers. Investments can generate passive income from renting out, resale of housing at a higher price. Residential complexes in Ureki offer modern apartments with comfortable layouts and new communications. Developers provide various promotions in the form of discounts, payment by installments, and they have positive feedback on the quality of construction in accordance with the new Georgian regulations.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price for an apartment in the Ureki residential complex is $800 per sq.m ( apartments in black frame condition). It’s quite a low price for a unique resort.

Where is it better to buy apartments from developers in Ureki?

Apartments for sale from developers are carried out in the Pearl of Ureki project, located in a village on the coast, just a few meters from the sea coast.

Features of purchasing apartments in new buildings by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Ureki from the developer without restrictions.

What else is notable for Ureki

The village is ideal for relaxation by the sea, however, educational tourism has only few opportunities. And yet it should be noted that the famous and beautiful Botanical Garden, Tsitsinatela Park, Kintrishi Nature Reserve, Musicians Park and the resort city of Batumi are not far from Ureki.

Ureki is good for life, relaxation and fruitful remote work in acalm, comfortable environment; it is beneficial as an investment project that is good for health. What is not an argument in its favor?

New buildings in the districts of Ureki

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