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Wyndham Residence
Wyndham Residence
From 1600$ / m2
ID: 13960 | 25 floors
Gonio Residence
Gonio Residence
From 600$ / m2
ID: 12255 | 12 floors
From 900$ / m2
ID: 11084 | 16 floors | 30m from sea
Family Inn Gonio
Family Inn Gonio
From 550$ / m2
ID: 8559 | 12 floors
From 413$ / m2
ID: 7866 | 8 floors

New buildings in Gonio

Gonio on the map

Gonio is a former settlement in the Khelvachauri municipality of the Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia. On January 1, 2013, it entered the vicinity of Batumi. It is a resort on the Black Sea coast. It is located to the south of mouth of the Chorokhi River.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Gonio in the new buildings?

Since the river rushing from the mountains remains aside, the water in the sea here is considered the cleanest in Georgia. This circumstance is valuable for the investors and buyers. Gonio is located just fifteen kilometers south to the center of Batumi, which means that you can always come to the center to take advantage of the infrastructure of a large resort city and visit its attractions.

Real estate in Gonio in new buildings is becoming more and more attractive every year. The favorable ecological environment of the region (clean air and sea), liberal migration legislation of Georgia, hospitality, safety, friendly attitude towards tourists and expats form a growing demand for new buildings in Gonio from the developers. Investments can generate passive income from renting the property out and resale of housing at a higher price. Residential complexes in Gonio offer modern apartments with comfortable layouts and new communications. Developers provide various promotions in the form of discounts, payment by installments, and they have positive feedback on the quality of construction in accordance with the new Georgian regulations.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price for an apartment in the Gonio residential complex is $413 per sq.m. (apartments in black frame condition), which is quite low for a seaside resort with clear sea. The closer the building to the sea, the more expensive the price is.

Where is the best place to buy an apartment from the developers in Gonio?

New buildings are being built on the coast. The closest complex to the sea is only thirty meters away. The rest are a little farther.

Features of purchasing apartments in the new building by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Gonio from the developers without restrictions.

What else is notable for Gonio?

  • Gonio-Apsaros fortress. It blocked the only road to Colchis (Georgia) across the flat terrain from Turkey. Now there is a museum-reserve, where archaeological finds are exhibited. Inside the fortress there is something to see: for example, the Tomb of St. Matthew (however, there is no exact information on it), the remains of an ancient pipeline, Roman baths.
  • There is a long pebble beach that you don't have to share with many holiday-makers. Although there is little entertainment here, the sea (water attractions) and mountains (walks and air) may well compensate for their lack. The beach is well equipped, there are enough various cafes and restaurants, there are several hotels and even more buildings are under construction.

Apartment in new buildings in Gonio represent receiving additional income, comfort, health and profitable investment (good for life, recreation, remote work). That is a weighty argument, isn't it?

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