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Spires Gate
Spires Gate
From 6150$ / m2
ID: 10306 | 4 floors
The Paramount
The Paramount
From 9040$ / m2
ID: 10269 | 15 floors
Cascade City
Cascade City
From 8500$ / m2
ID: 10258 | 15 floors
Heron Steveston
Heron Steveston
From 5700$ / m2
ID: 10250 | 3 floors | Townhouse
From 8200$ / m2
ID: 10158 | 18 floors
Galleria at Concord Gardens
Galleria at Concord Gardens
From 8500$ / m2
ID: 9520 | 14 floors
Five Road
Five Road
From 5175$ / m2
ID: 9431 | 3 floors | Townhouse

New buildings in Richmond

City on the map

Richmond is a city in Canada, most of which is located on its largest island Lulu, near Vancouver.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building of Richmond?

It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and a regional hub for high technology. Light industry, agriculture (farms are located on a large territory), fishing, services, tourism, retail trade are also important for the city.

The city is extremely attractive for tourists. This is due to the exceptional nature: river vegetation and greenery of the ocean coast are combined, there is a feeling of naturalness and harmony. In the off-season, migratory birds stop at these places, creating an unforgettable sight. There is a port here, many cozy restaurants, cafes and a fish market.

Richmond is in its prime: the average age of residents is about forty years old, young people maintain a healthy lifestyle by participating in various wellness programs. In terms of the composition of the population, the city is distinguished by ethnic and cultural diversity.

The climate is temperate and there is practically no snow at all. Due to the distance from the mountains, the average rainfall is significantly less than in nearby Vancouver.

On the territory of Richmond (Island of Sea), there is an international airport. There are highways and railways links from the city to Vancouver.

Demand for Richmond properties in the new buildings is growing. The number of objects being built cannot fully satisfy it, since the population is increasing from year to year at the expense of visitors. New buildings in Richmond from the developer are being built according to technologies and meet building standards. The cost of housing depends on the location of the residential complex, its equipment, comfort. High quality is confirmed by customer reviews. Developers are equipping residential complexes in Richmond with modern engineering systems. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out on a turnkey basis. You can buy an apartment from a developer in Richmond at a reasonable cost by the standards of the Canadian market.

The minimum price per square meter of area in a new building completed in a turnkey condition (in accordance with the information of the search engine GEOLN.COM) is 5,175 USD.

Acquisition of an apartment in Richmond from a developer by foreign citizens

Buyers from abroad have the right to buy an apartment in a new building under the same conditions as Canadian citizens.

Some interesting places

  • Alex Fraser Bridge with a beautiful view;
  • pier (fishing);
  • Buddhist temple;
  • Central Sports Park;
  • Minora Park,
  • Central Library with a Historical Museum;
  • the village of Stevenson;
  • a monument to the fallen fishermen.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building of Richmond is an investment solution that makes it possible to receive a high rental income, to live in an unusual, attractive city for tourists next to the developed infrastructure of Vancouver.

New buildings in the districts of Richmond

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