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Victoria Towns, Phase II
Victoria Towns, Phase II
From 2060$ / m2
ID: 9790 | 3 floors | Townhouse
One 80 Villagewalk Condos
One 80 Villagewalk Condos
From 2350$ / m2
ID: 9789 | 3 floors
From 3020$ / m2
ID: 9788 | 10 floors
EVE Park
EVE Park
From 4840$ / m2
ID: 9786 | 4 floors
Callingham Mews: Designer Series Towns
Callingham Mews: Designer Series Towns
From 2100$ / m2
ID: 9785 | 3 floors | Townhouse
South Creek
South Creek
From 2700$ / m2
ID: 9784 | 2 floors | Cottage

New buildings in London

City on the map

London is the tenth largest city in Canada. Located in the southwestern part of Ontario on the Thames River.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in London in the new buildings?

London, with a population of over 360,000, is not that small by Canadian standards. The geographic location is also interesting from the point of view of an investment strategy - it is not far from Toronto.

The climate in the city is cool and temperate. In winter, the temperature is 5-10 below zero, rarely -15℃. Severe snowfalls occur 4-5 times during the winter. Summer is hot, autumn is very beautiful and warm. You can swim in the nearby lakes until the end of August.

The economy is developing due to the production of locomotives and armored vehicles, insurance and information technology.

The infrastructure of the city, as in Canada, is presented in full and in proper quality: no traffic jams in the city center after six in the evening and on weekends, free parking, people have the opportunity to stroll around the city, walk to parks, drink coffee and beer in open areas restaurants and cafes in the summer. At the same time, there are many places with free internet. Public transport runs like clockwork, bike paths are in the city itself and in the park area. No fuss on the roads: you can get anywhere in the city in 20-30 minutes.

New buildings in London are classics of modern urban conditions: high-rise buildings for business offices in combination with condominiums are in the center. But in general, the majority of housing are private houses and townhouses, which are buried in greenery. Forrest City is the unofficial name of the city, it is not accidental: a huge number of trees make the air clean. It should be noted that there are two beautiful lakes not far from the city, in the northern and southern directions, where there is everything you need for leisure.

There is a university and a college in London, respectively, there are a lot of young people, students on summer vacations often do not leave the city, but find work. Many work part-time in the evenings and during their studies. Students rent housing in high-rise buildings, in private houses. They also live in apartments, since this is the most economical option.

Residential complexes in London do not meet the high demand for housing. New buildings in London from the developers are being built in compliance with the most modern technologies. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on installment plan basis, provided the proximity to the necessary infrastructure.

Investments in real estate in London in the new buildings bring high passive income (rent, resale). You can buy an apartment from the developers in London based on almost any needs, limited only by material capabilities. The cost of housing in the new buildings is lower than in Toronto. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter for an apartment in the turnkey condition is 2,060 US dollars.

Features of purchasing an apartment in London from the developers by foreigners

The purchase of real estate by non-residents of Canada is carried out under the same conditions as for Canadian citizens. The exception is made by the state-defined recreational areas.

Highlights of the city

  • Springbank Park;
  • Thames River in Springbank Park;
  • Victoria Park;
  • St. Peter's Cathedral;
  • Budweiser Gardens
  • Sports arena Budweiser Gardens;
  • Pioneer Village Museum;
  • Dalewood Conservation Area;
  • Daewoo Nature Reserve, Ontario;
  • the London Ribfest - fried ribs festival;
  • Rock the Park - a classic rock festival.

An apartment in one of the new buildings in London is an investment that creates a new, higher quality of life in conditions of perfect infrastructure, a friendly atmosphere, providing the ability to plan a family, develop individually, and receive a high and stable passive income.

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