Goals and Mission of GEOLN.COM™


To systematize all the information available in the world about construction projects and real estate objects. To provide instant and convenient access to it. To provide an opportunity for the buyer and the developer/owner to interact directly.

Every day we work to make information about construction projects and real estate objects universally available for your perception:

GEOLN.COM technologies and tools are must-have solutions that have created a new standard in the real estate market.

Professional market participants and trusted companies use GEOLN.COM to develop their own business, and trustworthy sellers, users-buyers of real estate all over the world use it for convenient placement, finding the necessary information. 

Any user who quickly and easily finds verified properties using the GEOLN.COM search engine will surely experience the pleasure of working with our handy digital tools. 

Concept of GEOLN.COM 

Provide the best opportunity to quickly and easily find verified properties through the GEOLN.COM Real Estate Search Engine anywhere in the world.

We are focused on providing the world's best way to find verified real estate, providing service and expert support to market participants.

We are convinced that the technologies developed by GEOLN.COM will help everyone find their dream property, tailored to their individual needs, saving time, realizing their plans and feeling a sense of comfort. 

Realizing the mission of GEOLN.COM and understanding that by the fact of providing the search engine GEOLN.COM we strive to improve the quality of life of users, we, as experts in the real estate market, are aware of the extent of our responsibility: at every stage of search, selection, communication and registration. Our goal is for modern technology to help you in the process of searching and buying anywhere in the world, even remotely.

GEOLN.COM - more than a property search 

Using the tools of the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine, we help users-buyers of real estate to find the ideal real estate offers for purchase, however, we do not consider the search for real estate separately from the construction market, we take into account its industry specifics.

In the search results of GEOLN.COM, we show only legally verified residential complexes, construction companies or real estate objects. We verify content and work with a community of professionals - real estate experts, developers and specialists to provide a reliable, secure online environment where you make a purchase decision.

We have our own view of the importance and value of the GEOLN.COM search engine, where search technology is a tool, while the main role is expert assistance in finding verified real estate anywhere in the world.

Our team strives for the most effective use of modern digital information technologies in the process of finding housing, creating a system of transparent relationships in the real estate market, helping people become happier.

GEOLN.COM - for the convenience and happiness of users

It is easy to search for verified real estate on GEOLN.COM, it is convenient to compare, and it is pleasant to communicate with the sales department or the seller, without the tedious waiting for a call, since everything is available in one window online.

We — GEOLN.COM — create real estate services with thorough expertise for all participants (buyers, sellers, developers, etc.), helping users to achieve their goals.

For us, "user’s happiness" is a capacious formula that includes: achieving user’s goals, usability of an IT product, meeting expectations from search, and usefulness. That is why we concentrate both on the online side of the process and offline, providing comprehensive expert support.

Inspirational goals GEOLN.COM 

Happiness, comfort and user friendliness. 

GEOLN.COM is a story about a user: about the convenience and ease of searching for verified information about real estate, whether it is an overseas investment property or the purchase of an apartment for living.

Our goal is to bring happiness to users. GEOLN.COM always remains an expert to turn to for advice. We strive to be the best IT service - real estate search engine. 

Responsible search is more than a goal. 

GEOLN.COM search technologies help people from all over the world to find developers, housing estates, apartments or commercial premises. On GEOLN.COM, hundreds of millions of users are looking for real estate for purchase, investment or business. When it comes to information on the basis of which you make decisions, we responsibly and comprehensively approach the process, provide expert content, analytics and proven results in search results.

For each object that you find on GEOLN.COM, you can request a consultation directly from the seller (sales department of a construction company, official representative, owner) online using your personal account, which provides convenient functionality for saving search results, tools for comparison and communication with sellers.

New culture of the real estate market. 

Real estate, while remaining one of the most conservative market segments, is also present online, going through the digitalization stage and becoming closer to online users that buy, sell, and invest. We contribute to the development of the market, create a new culture of interaction and offer a product that has already become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of professional market participants.

GEOLN.COM is a user-friendly real estate search engine used by clients all over the world to find offers that match their request. Today, thanks to the tools of GEOLN.COM, everyone can explore both the local real estate market (for example, the market of their city), and study the overseas property of another country in order to accurately understand prices, market conditions and demand. Open search is bringing a new standard to the industry.

Now the user-buyer is not limited by the number of viewed objects and online services, such as a 3D tour, an online tour, a video call to the sales department, etc. It allows you to have a more detailed study of the found object. We are developing the digital real estate market, making it accessible for users to understand.         

Tools and technologies that provide an advantage.

Technology defines leadership. The tools developed by GEOLN.COM are becoming the industry standard, providing undoubted advantages to developers and allowing them to achieve more in customer service, company promotion, and interaction with users - real estate buyers. We use world-class technologies that are designed to help our users achieve their goals.

An innovative product on a global scale 

GEOLN LTD — is a technology company that created the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine and related services for professional participants in the real estate market. Specialization in the real estate segment, working with market experts, providing specialized services for users and developers, advanced technologies, and expert knowledge of the real estate market allow us to stand out and compete with existing information search engines, since GEOLN.COM has proven results and reliable data from the world the real estate market.

Individuality, an atmosphere of creativity and a global approach, professionalism and dedicated work allow us to conquer new heights in this market segment, work all over the world, bring pleasure to users and be the best IT product for real estate search. That is why we have received world-class recognition, awarded the status of Leading Expert by Forbes, and our development continues steadily.

We are convinced that the energy of creativity, the desire to make dreams come true and achieve goals, and most importantly - users’ support, can become a solid foundation for the leadership of the GEOLN.COM search engine in the real estate industry. Let's create the world's best real estate search engine together to make it easy for users to find real estate in any, even the most remote corner of the planet. 


experts from GEOLN.COM