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VITA Condos In Jamaica Plain
VITA Condos In Jamaica Plain
From 8200$ / m2
ID: 8339 | 5 floors
The St. Regis Residences Boston
The St. Regis Residences Boston
From 20480$ / m2
ID: 8338 | 22 floors
The Mezz
The Mezz
From 10000$ / m2
ID: 8337 | 6 floors
The Gribaudo
The Gribaudo
From 8650$ / m2
ID: 8336 | 5 floors
Stadia 50
Stadia 50
From 12130$ / m2
ID: 8335 | 5 floors
From 8890$ / m2
ID: 8334 | 5 floors
Slip45 Condos
Slip45 Condos
From 659600$ / m2
ID: 8332 | 6 floors
Pier 4
Pier 4
From 20000$ / m2
ID: 8329 | 9 floors
Maison Commonwealth
Maison Commonwealth
From 33600$ / m2
ID: 8326 | 5 floors
The Quinn
The Quinn
From 15000$ / m2
ID: 8325 | 14 floors
Lovejoy Wharf
Lovejoy Wharf
From 12080$ / m2
ID: 8324 | 15 floors
Joy Beacon Hill
Joy Beacon Hill
From 21250$ / m2
ID: 8323 | 5 floors
Echelon Seaport
Echelon Seaport
From 14500$ / m2
ID: 8322 | 21 floors
88 Wareham Street
88 Wareham Street
From 7280$ / m2
ID: 8318 | 6 floors
45 on Burnett
45 on Burnett
From 6550$ / m2
ID: 8317 | 4 floors
14 West Broadway
14 West Broadway
From 8060$ / m2
ID: 8315 | 10 floors
232 Old Colony Avenue
232 Old Colony Avenue
From 7380$ / m2
ID: 8314 | 5 floors
The Mark at DeNormandie Wharf
The Mark at DeNormandie Wharf
From 11250$ / m2
ID: 8304 | 6 floors
100 Shawmut
100 Shawmut
From 14280$ / m2
ID: 8301 | 13 floors

New buildings in Boston

City on the map

Boston is a city in the United States, part of the New England region, Massachusetts, one of the largest and richest cities in America. It is located on the shores of Boston Bay, Massachusetts Bay.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building of Boston?

IT institutions contribute to the development of the city and the region: about 200 thousand specialists are employed in high-tech sectors of the economy. It is known for advances in engineering, biotechnology, medicine, and is a recognized financial center. Tourism is also of great importance to Boston, with more than 16 million people visiting it every year. The local economy is the sixth largest in the United States.

Given the success in the development of IT-technologies, it is logical that the city is also an educational center (they are engaged in scientific research). Recognized giants in the field of educational activities are located in the city: Boston University, Boston College, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For the high quality of teaching and achievements in science, Boston is considered the intellectual of the country, the American ancient Athens.

Railway, water, bus transport, the oldest subway (built back in 1897, the first in the USA) operate reliably.

The city is located on the border of zones with humid subtropical and humid continental climate. Summer is warm and rainy, winters are cold, windy, often snowy.

Demand for Boston real estate in new buildings is growing. Residential complexes in Boston are being built in compliance with modern technologies. The builders of the residential complex have significant experience and have positive reviews about the quality. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out on a turnkey basis.

Boston is a metropolis "with a soul", its habitat is considered one of the best in America and in the world. Experts argue that Boston is at the forefront of US cities in terms of the stability of high real estate prices. Nevertheless, it is possible to buy an apartment from a developer in Boston at a lower cost than in New York, London or Moscow (despite the fact that living in Boston is more comfortable). New buildings in Boston from the developers are a variety of housing: from economy to elite.

The minimum price per square meter of area in a turnkey condition (in accordance with the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 6,550$.

Features of purchasing an apartment in Boston from a developer by foreigners

The United States is open to investment, including in real estate. There are no special conditions limiting the purchase of an apartment in a new building by foreigners. Only corporations, when selling their cooperative housing, would like to see shareholders as buyers and often do not welcome foreign ownership if the assets and main source of income of foreigners are not located in the United States.

Highlights of Boston

  • museums: science, constitution, fine arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner, children's, natural history, archeology and ethnology, historical, etc .;
  • the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum;
  • Mary Baker Eddie Library and Globe Hall;
  • City Hall;
  • zoo;
  • the royal chapel;
  • Boston Light Lighthouse;
  • John Hancock Tower;
  • Jamaica pond;
  • Nantasket Beach;
  • Carson Beach;
  • Revere Beach;
  • Harborwalk Harbor and Park;
  • National Historical Park;
  • Franklin Park;
  • Lars Anderson park and much, much more.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Boston is a mature decision of an investor in order to receive rental income, it is interesting to live and work in one of the best cities in the world.

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Boston

MetroPrices, from
Courthouse8060$ / m2
South/Station7280$ / m2
South Station7280$ / m2
Haymarket8060$ / m2
Government Center8060$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Boston

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