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Residencial Noga II
Residencial Noga II
From 2620$ / m2
ID: 11437 | 14 floors
Universidad Plaza SCA.
Universidad Plaza SCA.
From 2350$ / m2
ID: 11414 | 4 floors
Albor Granada
Albor Granada
From 2200$ / m2
ID: 10962 | 2 floors
Alcala Granada
Alcala Granada
From 2125$ / m2
ID: 10960 | 7 floors
Alcala Granada III
Alcala Granada III
From 2200$ / m2
ID: 10919 | 7 floors
Costa Galera III
Costa Galera III
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 10535 | 4 floors
From 1985$ / m2
ID: 10453 | 9 floors
From 2980$ / m2
ID: 10436 | 13 floors
From 2750$ / m2
ID: 10433 | 6 floors

New buildings in Granada

City on the map

Granada is a city in Spain, the capital of the province of Granada in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It located on the banks of the Genil and Darro rivers at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building in Granada?

Granada is conveniently located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada ski resort, a trip to the sea or resort will take about an hour. The following industries are developed in the city: tourism, hotel services, agriculture, construction, biotechnology. If we talk about the character of the city, formulating it symbolically, it is a representation of wine, flamenco and bullfighting. It is strange, but harmoniously combines majestic mountain landscapes, buildings of ancient architecture and bright quarters of new buildings. According to world ratings that assess the standard of living, Granada is considered comfortable for life, one of the most interesting cities in Europe.

The transport infrastructure is well developed. There is an international airport 18 km from the city, there is a railway connection, buses operate, a subway has been launched, you can use a taxi service as well.

The climate is closer to the Mediterranean, but due to the proximity of the mountains, the temperature here is several degrees lower than in neighboring regions. In winter, it often rains in the city, the average temperature is + 10°С, frosts occur as well. In summer, it is almost always sunny, no precipitation. During the day, the air warms up to + 35°С, and it is cool in the evening.

There is a large number of foreign and exchange students here. The University of Granada has public status and offers a wide range of academic programs covering most subject areas.

Real estate professionals in the region believe the buying boom in the provincial capital of Granada is just beginning, with residential complexes, shopping centers and schools being built. At the same time, real estate prices in Granada in the new buildings are quite acceptable compared to other provinces.

The demand for residential complexes in Granada is increasing. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out in black frame condition and on turnkey basis. Standard European quality is confirmed by customer reviews. The assortment of housing under construction is diverse; new buildings in Granada from the developer are made using modern technologies.

You can buy an apartment from a developer in Granada at a relatively low cost, taking into account the prevailing prices in the Spanish and EU markets. The lowest price per square meter of area in a new building, completed in black frame condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) - 1,985$.

Acquisition of an apartment in Granada from a developer by foreign citizens

Foreign buyers can buy apartments in the residential complexes freely. There are no restrictions or special conditions for them.

Highlights of the city

  • the Alhambra complex;
  • the Moorish quarter of Albaycín;
  • Sacromonte Abbey;
  • the monastery of St. Jerome;
  • the Carthusian monastery;
  • Granada Madrasah;
  • Arab baths;
  • Science Park;
  • Gardens of the Generalife;
  • observation deck Mirador de San Nicolas;
  • Bib-Rambla square;
  • Royal Chapel;
  • bullfighting arena and much more.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Granada is a promising investment solution in a city with huge tourism potential.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Granada

DistrictPrices, from
Cerrillo de Maracena2125$ / m2
The cross1985$ / m2
Lancha del Genil2200$ / m2
Ronda2350$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Granada

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