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Sunset Waves
Sunset Waves
From 4300$ / m2
ID: 11506 | 25 floors
Kronos Benidorm
Kronos Benidorm
From 2270$ / m2
ID: 11291 | 40 floors
Torre Lugano
Torre Lugano
From 1900$ / m2
ID: 10983 | 42 floors
Arel Benidorm
Arel Benidorm
From 1800$ / m2
ID: 10922 | 9 floors

New buildings in Benidorm

City on the map

Benidorm is a city on the Mediterranean coast in the Alicante province of Spain.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building of Benidorm?

Benidorm is a popular resort, the history of development of which dates back to the 60s of the last century. Today it is called Spanish Las Vegas or European Miami.

The economy of the city is based on tourism: most jobs are in the hospitality and service industries.

The city is known for its special climate, perhaps the most comfortable on the entire Mediterranean coast of the country. Winter is warm here, summer is not particularly hot. The total length of local beaches is about 6 km, they regularly receive the Blue Flag for their cleanliness and improvement.

Tourists and property owners land at Alicante airport and from there go to Benidorm by bus. An alternative, besides an expensive taxi, is tram (a hybrid of a tram and an electric train). The easiest way to get around the city is by car, although public transport works as well.

Medical service in the city is of a high standard. All the necessary infrastructure is in place, including the public hospital Hospital Clínica Benidorm, the private clinic Hospital IMED Levante and a number of specialized medical centers.

The urban real estate market is diverse. Apartments for sale from developers are luxury residential properties and more modest economy options, and in suburban areas - luxury villas. The cost depends on the location, proximity to the beach, the presence of a sea view, parking in the building, number of storeys (as a rule, the higher, the more expensive), the nearest infrastructure, the quality of the renovation.

Prices for real estate in the new buildings of Benidorm (if you do not take into account exclusive luxury properties and villas) are acceptable, but higher than similar housing in Alicante or Valencia.

The demand for residential complexes in Benidorm is great, the objects are completed in black frame condition and on a turnkey basis. Standard European quality is confirmed by customer reviews. New buildings in Benidorm from the developers are made using modern technologies, the acquisition is considered very prestigious, given the status of the city as a Mediterranean resort and one of the best tourist destinations in the country.

According to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine, you can buy an apartment from a developer in Benidorm at a minimum price 1,800$ per square meter ( apartments in a turnkey condition).

Acquisition of an apartment in Benidorm from a developer by foreign citizens

Foreign buyers have the right to buy an apartment without any restrictions. There are no special conditions.

Highlights of the city

  • park of marine animals and exotic birds Mundomar;
  • Terra Mitica amusement park;
  • Aqualandia water park;
  • Aquanatura water amusement park;
  • Benidorm Palace (concert hall);
  • Conde de Alfaz castle and knightly tournament;
  • Zoo Terra Natura;
  • Algar waterfalls and cacti;
  • Cross of Benidorm;
  • Serra Gelada National Park;
  • Mount Puig Campana.

Greater choice of apartments in the new buildings

In Poniente, developers, with the permission of the municipal authorities, are reclaiming vacant land. In the coming years, all vacant lots in this area will be built up. At the same time, new buildings are located on the first and second lines from the sea. The area was previously considered almost the best in the city after the Center.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Benidorm is a status and profitable investment in a paradise by the Mediterranean Sea, practically guaranteeing a high rental income, this is a purchase that allows you to simply enjoy life.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Benidorm

DistrictPrices, from
Ponent - Poniente4300$ / m2
Els Tolls - Aigüera Alta1800$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Benidorm

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