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Bergen, Norway
From 8685$ / m2
ID: 17778
Mjolkeraen Hage
Mjolkeraen Hage
Bergen, Norway
From 3870$ / m2
ID: 17605 | 2 floors
Bergen, Norway
From 6300$ / m2
ID: 17604 | 5 floors
Kronstad Stasjon
Kronstad Stasjon
Bergen, Norway
From 7610$ / m2
ID: 17598 | 5 floors
Bergen, Norway
From 7140$ / m2
ID: 17596 | 6 floors
Bergen, Norway
From 8400$ / m2
ID: 17566 | 4 floors

New builds in Bergen

Location and climate

Bergen is a city in Norway, the capital of the county (administrative division) Hordaland, located on the coast of the North Sea on the Bergen Peninsula.

The climate is temperate maritime, with high rainfall. Winters are mild and snowy, summers are cold and rainy. Mostly cloudy weather throughout the year.

Why buying an apartment from a developer in Bergen is profitable

Bergen is a very old city (founded by the Normans in 1070). Today it is a major commercial port, cultural and industrial center. The main source of his income is the oil industry. A large oil traffic flows through the city, local residents are engaged in fishing and processing. The following industries are also developed: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and the textile industry. There is a large petrochemical complex near Bergen. The city is connected by a tunnel with the capital, Oslo, which makes it logistically convenient for work and life.

The embankment, as a preserved monument of the Middle Ages, is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The city is visited by a significant number of tourists.

Sheltered bays and harbors keep boats moving regardless of the weather, and straits in the fjords allow entry directly into Norway.

Public transport is represented by buses, trams, funicular, cable car, and taxis.

There are five institutions of higher education in Bergen: the University of Bergen, the University of Applied Sciences, the Bergen School of Architecture, the Norwegian School of Economics, and the NLA University College.

 Bergen real estate in the new builds is represented on the market by objects of different comfort classes; the choice is quite wide. The demand for apartments in residential complexes is growing. If there is an intention to invest in new builds for sale in Norway, and capital prices seem too high to invest, it is advisable to pay attention to residential complexes in Bergen, the apartments in which are relatively cheaper than in Oslo and will bring a stable rental income as well. The sale of apartments from developers is transparent and simple in its procedure, the quality of new for sale meets accepted standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new home from a developer in Bergen (apartments handed over in a turnkey condition) is 3,870 USD.

What to see, where to go

  •  Mount Fleyen
  •  Fortress Bergenhus
  •  House-museum of E. Grieg
  •  house of the Hanseatic merchant
  •  Hanseatic embankment
  •  Oceanarium
  •  Fish market
  •  Cable car to Mount Ulriken
  •  Ceremonial hall Haakonshallen
  •  Rosencrantz tower
  •  Church of the Virgin Mary
  •  Nurdnes park
  •  City Park
  •  Art Museum

The city hosts several festivals: Bergen International Festival (ballet, music, theater and opera art), Bergenfest (country, rock, pop, blues), Beyond the Gates (metallic), Nightjazz (jazz music), Borealis (instrumental music, installations, film demonstration), International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition (winning the competition opens up prospects for an aspiring pianist).

Acquisition of the apartments in Bergen from the developers by foreigners

Foreign investors have the right to buy apartment in Bergen in the new homes for sale without restrictions (for citizens and legal entities).

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Bergen is an investment that allows you to receive a stable rental income, live in a city and country with the best economy in the world, surrounded by beautiful nature.

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