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The Pearl Of MonteDreams
The Pearl Of MonteDreams
Becici, Montenegro
From 2400$ / m2
ID: 15467 | 6 floors
MonteDreams ROYAL
MonteDreams ROYAL
Becici, Montenegro
From 2900$ / m2
ID: 15466 | 7 floors
MonteDreams Light
MonteDreams Light
Becici, Montenegro
From 2500$ / m2
ID: 15464 | 6 floors
MonteDreams 1st
MonteDreams 1st
Becici, Montenegro
From 3400$ / m2
ID: 15463 | 6 floors
Horizon Residences
Horizon Residences
Becici, Montenegro
From 3500$ / m2
ID: 15438 | 6 floors
Becici, Montenegro
From 5580$ / m2
ID: 15363 | 12 floors

New builds in Becici

Location and climate

Becici is a resort in Montenegro, located on the Adriatic coast, not far from the historic city of Budva.

A large number of sunny days, mild short winters, long hot summers are the main features of the Becici climate, which belongs to the Mediterranean type.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from a developer in Becici?

This city, picturesquely immersed in greenery, is the center of international tourism. The infrastructure is well developed here. Calm quiet streets descending along the mountain slopes to the Adriatic Sea create an atmosphere of leisure and relaxation, there are sports complexes, a network of cafes and restaurants.

But Becici is especially attractive with a magnificent two-kilometer beach (one of the best in Europe) and crystal clear sea (a blue flag). The entrance to the sea is gentle, which is convenient for children. The very close city of Budva (it is connected to Becici by a large tunnel, so you can move in a matter of minutes) and the Jadran highway crossing the city make the property in this place attractive for investment.

The resort has all the conditions for outdoor activities - riding a catamaran, playing beach football, or cycling. Thrill-seekers are invited to paragliding or rafting down a mountain river, or to have fun in the water park.

The nearest airports are in Tivat, Podgorica and Dubrovnik. The city is well connected by bus to neighboring countries.

Becici real estate in the new builds stands out thanks to its reddish tiled roofs. Demand for primary housing is great. Foreigners invest in residential complexes in Becici for the purpose of renting it out and visiting the popular resort of Montenegro for recreation or permanent residence in comfortable natural conditions. Despite the proximity to the sea, the prices for apartments in the residential complexes here are quite affordable. Of course, the closer the new build for sale is to the sea, the higher the cost.

The sale of apartments from developers is carried out in compliance with EU building standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

In accordance with the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new home from a developer in Becici (apartments handed over in a turnkey condition) is 2,400 USD.

What to see in the city

  • Old olive tree and mill
  • A cave
  • Orthodox Church of St.Tom;
  • Cape Zavala (great views)
  • Green rock
  • Becici is an excellent starting point for excursions to the impressive places of the Budva Riviera.

Acquisition of apartments in Becici from the developers by foreigners

Foreign investors can buy apartment in Becici in the new home for sale without restrictions.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Becici is a promising investment for renting the property out to tourists on the coast of a clear sea, in an EU country, where you can also come to relax at a convenient time or enjoy life all year round.

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