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New Time Goderdzi
New Time Goderdzi
From 1000$ / m2
ID: 955 | 5 floors

New buildings in Khulo

Khulo on the map

Khulo is a high-mountain urban-type settlement in Adjara, Georgia. The village is located in the Adjaristskali gorge, 87 km from the Batumi railway station (on the Natanebi - Batumi line) at an altitude of 923 meters above sea level.

Buying apartments from the developers in Khulo is profitable

And that's why: Alpine meadows, beech groves, coniferous forests and subalpine zone form a special landscape and climate of this corner of Adjara. You can get to the high-mountainous settlement along the Transajar highway. The village has administrative, cultural, educational and medical institutions, small businesses, a church, a small ethnographic museum and a modest art gallery.

The demand for the new buildings in Khulo from the developers is formed by the favorable ecological environment of the region, liberal migration legislation of Georgia, hospitality, safety and friendly attitude towards tourists and expats. People come here for the fascinating views. North of Khulo, higher up the slope, the Goderdzi ski resort is being developed, there is a road and even a cable car to it. Together, rest and accommodation in Khulo with a trip to Goderdzi promise a lot of unforgettable impressions. These places have clean air, magnificent mountain landscapes and a well-equipped ski track. The mountains around there are high - 1600-2000 meters. Incidentally, in winter, the population increases at the expense of those who return from the highlands. There are practically no hotels, there are only a few guest houses, so the construction of residential complexes with comfortable apartments is a business worthy of attention and serious consideration.

Investing in real estate in Khulo in the new buildings can bring passive income from renting out your property and resale of housing at a higher price. Tourists from Georgia, post-Soviet countries and Europe come to the village. Residential complexes in Khulo offer modern apartments with convenient layouts and new communications. European standards and the latest Georgian regulations are observed during the construction process.

Developers offer various promotions in the form of discounts end payment by installments, so you can buy an apartment in Khulo in a new building at an inexpensive price.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of area in the Khulo residential complex in turnkey condition is $1,000.

Where is it better to buy apartments from the developers in Khulo?

The new building New Time Goderdzi is being built within the vicinity of the village.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Khulo from the developers without restrictions.

What else is especially remarkable about the village and its surroundings?

There are many interesting things for tourists here:

  • the cable car, which ranks second among the unsupported cable cars in Europe. The length of the cable car is 1,700 meters and the height is 350 meters. The cable car ride is an exciting adventure with stunning views and an unforgettable experience;
  • Alpine Green Lake of indescribable beauty, a unique feature of which is that it does not freeze in winter;
  • fashionable climatic resort Beshumi;
  • the only monastery in Adjara - Skhalta and the hard-to-reach fortress of Khikhani (located at a dizzying, but reachable height);
  • Uchho fortress;
  • Vardtsikhe fortress;
  • Alpine Botanical Garden.

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings of Khulo is an interesting business project. Living in Khulo, working remotely, investing, earning income from renting your property out or further resale are some thoughtful steps for the future.

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