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Seaside Cottages
Seaside Cottages
From 800$ / m2
ID: 12257 | 2 floors | Cottage
Complex Del Mar
Complex Del Mar
From 600$ / m2
ID: 10361 | 9 floors | 100m from sea

New buildings in Chakvi

Chakvi on the map

Chakvi is an urban-type settlement in the Kobuleti municipality of Adjara, Georgia is a place of tourism and recreation, that realizes its true potential. There is a railway station named after this village (on the Natanebi - Batumi line).

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in the new buildings of Chakvi?

For buyers and investors, real estate in the new buildings of Chakvi is becoming more and more interesting. The arguments in favor for this fact are simple. The village has a clean, warm sea. There is a sandy beach with pebbles. Beautiful coastal groves of eucalyptus and pine grow right behind the beach.

Apartments in Chakvi from developers are in close proximity to this splendor. The breath of the sea and the forest creates a special aura - a subtropical marine climate with healing properties. The gardens and parklands of the village complete the overall idyllic picture. A rare bonus for lovers of solitude: there aren't many tourists here. This nuance, however, is a plus from the point of view of investors looking for options to create an exclusive recreation area.

The favorable ecological environment of the region, the liberal migration legislation of Georgia form a growing demand for new buildings in Chakvi from the developers. Investments can generate passive income from renting their property out or resale of housing at a higher price.

Residential complexes in Chakvi offer modern apartments with comfortable layouts and new communications. Developers make lucrative offers in the form of discounts, installment plans, and they have positive feedback on the quality of construction in accordance with the new Georgian regulations.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price for an apartment in the Chakvi residential complex is $600 per sq.m, which is quite low for such a unique resort (apartments in black frame condition).

Where is it better to buy an apartment from the developers in Chakvi?

Apartments for sale from developers are carried out in the Complex Del Mar project, located in a village on the coast, a hundred meters from the sea.

Features of purchasing apartments in Chakvi from the developers by foreigners

Foreigners in Georgia can purchase apartments from the developers without restrictions.

What else is worth mentioning about Chakvi?

There are not so many places for educational tourism. Someone might be interested in visiting the house of Lau Zhan Jau, a Chinese man who was engaged in the cultivation of tea leaves. There are the Batumi Botanical Garden, Petra Fortress (Byzantine architecture), Mtirala National Park (beautiful waterfalls and lakes) near Chakvi.

I must say that the village itself is one big attraction: it is ideal for relaxation by the sea, there are plantations of tea, bamboo, and Japanese tangerines.

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings of Chakvi is an investment project focused on obvious benefits - improving health. Chakvi is a good choice for secluded relaxation after busy lifestyle, fruitful remote work in a calm, comfortable environment.

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