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ID אובייקט: 629
גמר בניה חדשה אוגוסט 2021
מחיר למ"ר החל מ 680$
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תנאי תשלום первоначальный взнос 30%, внутренняя рассрочка 35 месяцев
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שטח החל מ 55.00 למ"ר
קומות 26
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גובה תקרה 2.70 מטר
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על פרויקט

Residential complex “Warsaw Plus” is a continuation of the “Warsaw Microdistrict” with new pedestrian alleys, bicycle paths, children's towns, sports grounds and green areas. The core of the complex is a shopping center-cafe.


The new Prospect Pravda station will help you get to the complex faster and more conveniently and unload the highway from car traffic. They plan to open the station in 2019 and it will be possible to reach it in 10 minutes.

In 2019, they will complete the construction of the Retroville shopping center, which is a couple of minutes walk from the complex. A large Novus supermarket, 16 restaurants and 8 food courts have been designed in the shopping center, there will also be shops, entertainment for children, a cinema with 8 rooms and a Class B business center. Besides Novus, you can buy products in Auchan - 2 minutes on foot, in the Silpo supermarket - 10 minutes on foot, in ATB - 5 minutes by car or on the Vinogradar market - 4 minutes by car.

At a distance of 5-10 minutes on foot from the school-kindergarten them. Sofia Rusovoi, kindergarten No. 626, preschool educational institution No. 142, kindergarten No. 570, early development center "Fairytale Country" Older children are ready to accept schools No. 3 - 7 minutes, school No. 6 - 5 minutes, gymnasium No. 257 - 10 minutes and financial lyceum - 15 minutes on foot. If the child is interested in music - music school number 35 is nearby.

A 10-minute walk from the complex takes a walk to the park with Lake Sinee. The park has a pet walking area, installed horizontal bars and other sports equipment. The jogging route can be built through the Bluegreen Stadium. For training, nearby are fitness clubs and the Arena sports complex with a gym, boxing, strip plastic, aerobics and children's ballroom dancing. It will be interesting to ride a bike through the forest or go to the lakes in the Pushcha Voditsa park, where there is a recreation center and a sports complex.


SG (Stolitsa Group) is one of the leading developers in the Ukrainian market of modern residential real estate.

SG has a close-knit team of professionals capable of solving tasks of any complexity at the highest level.

For 16 years, we have managed to form the best team, consisting of Ukrainian and foreign experts

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Ave. Pravdi Podolsky district, Podolski

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