Calligraphy Towers Batumi. Apartments in Batumi in the brand project on the Alley of heroes.

Overview of the complex Calligraphy Towers Batumi. Comparison of prices, conditions, and payback opportunities.
Published at 18/06/2020

Calligraphy Towers in Batumi

The residential complex of ultra premium class "Calligraphy Towers" is located in the elite district of Batumi at 18 Julie Shartava street. This is the best place on the Alley of heroes and the new business center of the city. The house is located opposite the most modern attraction of Batumi, the magnificent UEFA 4 category stadium.

Calligraphy Towers Batumi. Apartments in Batumi in the brand project on the Alley of heroes. — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Calligraphy Towers - one level above the others.

Experts of the real estate market in Batumi consider this complex as the best and most promising investment project. Calligraphy Towers Batumi is a new standard of quality and comfort from a global brand. Your own apartment in the complex Calligraphy Towers will be an ideal option for life, business and investment.

The developer of the project is the largest investment and construction holding in Georgia "Grand Maison Group LLC", which includes companies

• Grand Maison Development,

• Grand Construction & Engineering,

• Grand Road Construction

• and Grand Investment Company.

The developer specializes in premium and high premium class projects, implementing several Calligraphy Towers objects on the territory of Georgia. Partners of the company are the world 5* hotel brands Marriot, Hayat, Best Western.

The residential complex Calligraphy Towers includes 3 skyscrapers of variable height– A-Tower, B-Tower and C-Tower, united by a common three-level platform D. The super-stylish futuristic design of the facade consists of straight verticals and broken lines that set a special dynamic image of the building. Blue color glass panels reflect the sky, forming an impressive picture that constantly changes throughout the day. The ventilated facade of the building is made by one of the world leaders in the industry SPS GROUP.

The complex Calligraphy Towers Batumi stands out among the surrounding buildings not only for its luxury, but also for its grand scale.

The "A" skyscraper consists of 35 levels – the first 20 floors will be occupied by a 5* hotel of the world hotel brand H-N, and from the 21st to the 3th floors there will be high premium class apartments that meet the standards and style of this world brand. These apartments are best suited for investment and business, they will cover the entire range of hotel services.

The  "B" skyscraper has a maximum height of 45 floors – it is planned to offer premium class apartments intended for permanent residence or rental. This building will contain all the main consumer services for a comfortable and carefree life.

The "C" skyscraper has 40 floors – this part of the complex is ideal for business and leisure. On the upper level, the Diamond Sky Area will be equipped with a dizzying panoramic view of the city, sea and mountains. Here on the territory of the OpenSpace platform, concerts and various shows with the participation of star guests are expected to be held.

Internal infrastructure of Calligraphy Towers

The rich infrastructure of the complex includes everything you need for active recreation and luxury life – a 172-seat Calligraphy Cinema, as well as separate movie rooms for watching movies with friends, a Piano&Lounge Bar with live music, bowling, restaurants of Georgian, European and Asian national cuisine.

There will be a business hub that provides a comfortable workspace for any format of business activity. Residents and guests of the complex will be provided with co-working zones, meeting rooms, remote work, a large conference hall, business areas and much more. All rooms will be equipped with the latest technology for conducting any kind of online broadcasts, presentations, live broadcasts, etc.

On the unifying platform D there will be a huge recreation area, including a mini-football field, tennis courts, a green park for outdoor recreation, as well as all related services. In addition, the infrastructure of the complex includes a SPA center from the international brand H-N, a gym, an outdoor and indoor pool. Commercial space is already reserved by the brands Starbucks, Smart Steaks, Sub Way, Nordsee, and others.

For the youngest residents and guests of the complex, there will be a children's entertainment center, playgrounds, as well as a GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL with classes of English, robotics, bionics and art.

The complex provides parking for 133 places, a bicycle park and large storage facilities. Security on the territory of the residential complex will be provided by round-the-clock video surveillance, reception service and checkpoint at the entrance.

Apartments in Calligraphy Towers Batumi

All apartments in the Calligraphy Towers Batumi complex will be equipped with a centralized control system "smart home". The apartments will be serviced by the management company "Hilton Aparments". Residents of the complex will have access to cleaning services, dry cleaning, as well as calling a doctor on duty, babysitting for a child, all types of maintenance – electrician, plumber, master for an hour.

Each owner will be able to control their apartments through the online system G-PLUS. APP.

G-TRAVEL.WORLD will provide tourist services for the guests of the complex. Apartment owners will receive a club discount card from the Calligraphy Towers Premium by GEO-ASK.COM, which allows you to get a discount of up to 40% in restaurants, shops and other places in the city.

Luxury apartments in Calligraphy Towers will be available in several different layouts and turnkey finishes. You will get a ready-made apartment with a designer interior, full technical equipment, high-quality sound and thermal insulation. For interior decoration, we use finishing materials of exceptional quality, and all work is carried out by highly qualified specialists.

Investment potential

You can buy apartments in Calligraphy Towers Batumi remotely from anywhere in the world, saving time and money. Managers will select an apartment according to your parameters and demonstrate it online, using modern technologies.

Full legal security of a purchase and sale transaction in Georgia is guaranteed by Blockchain technology, which is used by the unified state register of the national Ministry of Justice.

When buying an apartment, the owner also signs an official management agreement with Hilton Apartments, which prescribes a guaranteed profit of 8% per annum from the invested amount. In this case, the Management company assumes full administration, maintenance, service, search and settlement of customers, as well as payment of all utility bills.

Calligraphy Towers Batumi is included in the international timeshare program from Hilton Apartments. The system allows you to travel and exchange apartments, hotel rooms with more than 350,000 program participants worldwide.

Buying an apartment in Calligraphy Towers is also possible through a real estate crowdfunding system - together with several other investors. At the same time, each of the invested shareholders will be a full-fledged owner of the apartment and will be able to benefit even from the smallest initial investment.

Buying a property in the residential complex Calligraphy Towers Batumi, you invest in your own future and the future of your children. The main concept of this exclusive project is to take care of every resident and guest, you will get a completely new quality of life that meets the highest international standards.

Calligraphy Towers. One level above the others.

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