Developed infrastructure and favorable business environment in Georgia

Published at 01/07/2020


  • No minimum wage regulations - compensation for labor depends on the agreement between employee and employer 
  • No social security or insurance tax – The only tax payable based on the salary is personal income tax, which is flat 20%. 
  • Georgia provides a profit tax exemption to legal entities of a “virtual zone” (engaged in export of IT services) 
  • No working permits are required
  • Citizens of 98 countries can stay in Georgia without visa during whole 1 year, which helps attracting professionals from other countries in 
  • the wider region.
  • Georgia has one of the most liberal labor codes, not only in the region, but globally. Georgia ranks 17th in Labor Freedom Index (Source: The Heritage Foundation, Index Of Economic Freedom 2018)

Developed infrastructure and favorable business environment in Georgia — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1


  • High class, modern office spaces are available in all major cities of Georgia, with almost 1 mln. sq.m. of office stock 
  • High speed broadband and mobile internet is available throughout whole country , Georgia ranks 33th in the world in terms of kb/s per user and 35th in terms of affordability (approximate cost of broadband 6 mbps internet is 17 USD per sq.m.) 
  • Utilities costs are one of the lowest in the wide region, approximately 2.5 USD per sq. m.

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