Growth trend of purchasing by using certificates of GEOLN.COM

The certificate allows you to purchase real estate from the selected developer with a personal discount. You do not need to negotiate with the developer about a purchase discount, or a price reduction. Ordering, processing and using certificates is absolutely free.
Published at 03/02/2020

Growth trend of purchasing by using certificates of GEOLN.COM — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Welcome, dear readers.

    Today we will share information on how to purchase real estate at the best prices, even better than the current prices from the developer. Yes, it is possible! We are talking about buying real estate directly from the developer when it is convenient for you at a promotional price, which is lower than the price of the developer at the moment of purchase.

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Marketing situation on the market  

    To understand why you can buy at a better price, you need to understand the marketing situation on the market. The client is the main market player who chooses the property to buy. The developer is well aware that in addition to its offer, there are other offers on the market that are potentially suitable for the client, or that the client is also willing to consider for purchase.

    This can be a property of a different class or direct competitors of the developer in the same price range. Developers often compete not with price, but with value. This means that for the client, in addition to the apartments some additional options are offered, promotions, opportunities, etc.

    In the same way, the developer is motivated to win clients and sell them real estate. In order to convey its offer to the client, the developer spends huge budgets (and in the real estate sector they are huge) on advertising campaigns. When the client has applied, it is only half the battle because it is still necessary to carry out the act of registration of the transaction.

    Here, marketing and promotional offers come into effect. The developer tries to compete with the value and offers you different advantages, for example:

accommodation in a great 5-star hotel at the time of choosing a property  

transfer to the sales office

transfer around the city

individual discount

free real estate tour

various bonuses and discounts for subsequent purchases (for example, repairs, design, etc.)

discount cards of different establishments

subscriptions (for example, gym membership)

The list can be continued, the main thing is that now you understand the essence of the offer from the developer. In pursuit of the client, developers provide various promotional offers that are valid for a limited time, such as a special offer for buying property on BLACK FRIDAY, a special offer for Christmas. You can use these features only on the terms of the developer.  

GEOLN.COM expands opportunities 

    By providing advanced opportunities for developers, we are able to GEOLN.COM we were able to really expand the buying opportunities for the user and provide the developer with a unique opportunity to issue personal certificates for potential buyers of real estate.

    According to statistics, GEOLN.COM search engine users 37% more likely to buy real estate using a certificate for the purchase of the real estate. Why is this, you ask? Firstly, the order and use of the certificate is absolutely free, and secondly, we help the developer to complete the task to provide the best service at an individual price. In fact, for you, as a client, this means that today you can find the property that interests you, contact the developer, clarify all the details, check again whether everything is suitable, and then order a personal certificate for the amount that is displayed in the card of the new building.

    You can use the certificate immediately, at the time of purchase from the developer, or when you decide to purchase your property. The discount amount that is provided by the certificate is displayed on the landing card of each developer. It can either decrease or increase. Therefore, order a certificate as soon as you think about purchasing it. The ordered certificate will be sent to your email address and saved in the user's personal account on GEOLN.COM;

    You can read more about working with a registered certificate on the page at the link - 

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