Foreign real estate as a source of additional income, as well as a means of saving your money

Published at 24/12/2019

The marketplace of real estate GEOLN offers not only the tools of selection and acquisition of proven real estate but also provides an expert overview of the markets and objects. Using our tools, it is easy to choose the property that suits your investment goals.

    Choosing a property from the developer in a new building, apartment hotel or cottage, it is important to understand the purpose of the investment. Perhaps it makes sense to consider the options of real estate from the owner, which in some cases may be a more interesting offer, for example, when the apartment from the owner already brings income or corresponds to your aesthetic taste, location and expected profitability.

Foreign real estate as a source of additional income, as well as a means of saving your money — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

How not to get lost in the world of foreign real estate generating income?

    First of all, we recommend determining the purpose of the investment. Taking into account the most frequent requests of investors of GEOLN, we highlight the following goals:

  1. Search and purchase real estate for the purpose of further resale (favorable offers of secondary real estate, off-plan property, etc.)
  2. The acquisition of real estate, in order to earn from renting (hereinafter we will tell you more about the parameters that are important to consider when buying property for this purpose)
  3. Acquisition of property in apart-hotels, new buildings for the purpose of realization of own hotel business
  4. Acquisition of real estate in order to preserve the existing capital (real estate, which is always in demand in the market)
Understanding of the purpose of your acquisition suggests tools, search filters that should be used to select the most relevant option.

Consider the option of finding a property for further rental.

    The invested money must bring in revenue, income. But in order to generate rental income, even at the stage of selection of offers, it is necessary to take into account those criteria that are important for a potential tenant. The trend of 2017 shows that people with a certain amount of money, want to buy the most affordable option, rent it out, as quickly as possible returning the investment. But the most affordable, cheap options are not always the best.

    We advise you not to rely on offers with favorable price and choose based on the parameters that are important for tenants. Let's list the most popular parameters that are typical for resort real estate by the sea.

    In particular, in Georgia, the most popular resort region is Batumi. Buying property in Batumi, you must take into account the following parameters:

     Distance from the sea: many people prefer a family holiday here. Coming with small children, do not want to "drag" with a stroller for considerable distances. This means that your house or apartment should be as close as possible to the sea. Ideally, it is necessary to consider options in a complex on the first coastline, with its own underground passage to the beach.

  • It is necessary to take into account how convenient it is to get to shops, pharmacies, banks, entertainment venues - this means that you need to buy an apartment in an area with developed infrastructure. You can choose the necessary options using the appropriate filters from the infrastructure block on the site 
  • The swimming season should be long enough. Very well, when the swimming season lasts until the middle of October, early November.
  • The complex or new building should have its own infrastructure. To maintain good physical shape, many customers want to go to the gym. The advantage will be the presence of an outdoor pool (in case of a storm at sea). Or there should be an indoor pool (if you plan to rent an apartment in the autumn-winter period).
  • Increasingly, when choosing an apartment for rent, people specify whether there is access to the Internet because this is also a very significant factor.
  • Other factors are less significant, so it does not make sense to list everything. Visit and in the advanced section, you will be able to pick up options, under the individual request.

The second option is investing in real estate.

    Many people instead of earning on renting out their apartments practice another option for-profit - investing. Concluding a preliminary contract of sale of real estate at the initial stage of construction, a person fixes the cost of his apartment. In many countries, in particular, in Georgia, the price of real estate increases with the readiness of the residential complex and with the number of storeys (the higher, the more expensive). By the end of the construction, you resell your apartment and earn on the difference between the initial cost and the cost at the end. This figure is from 12%. The main thing, when choosing an apartment, to determine the priorities-permanent residence, summer vacation, investment goals, etc.

Foreign real estate as a source of additional income, as well as a means of saving your money — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

Real estate investment experts of GEOLN will help you to choose the country, developer, type of property based on your wishes.

Invest wisely with GEOLN!

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