How to choose a property within your budget?

GEOLN sets new standards for the selection of proven real estate
Published at 25/12/2019

The choice of income-generating real estate is a difficult task because it is necessary to take into account many factors, anticipate trends and choose a reliable partner, a developer or an owner of the property.

Investors in foreign real estate note future profitability as the first factor when choosing a country to invest directly, and choose a country for investment based on the ratings published on the Internet.

The experts of GEOLN will tell,

  • if you should rely on Internet ratings when choosing a property,
  • how to choose an investment property within your budget,
  • what benefits investors get from investing in foreign real estate.

We would like to note that it is possible to earn on real estate in different countries of the world. The main key to success in this matter – the choice of real estate, which is in demand and brings income.

How to choose a property within your budget?  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Real estate in falling markets can be seen as an investment, but the specialists of GEOLN warn that for very long-term. For example, the resale of a villa in Cyprus or Turkey in the coming years will not be profitable: a lot of offers and the demand has sunk. However, in these regions, you can earn on renting out.

Conservative investors should pay attention to countries where the fall is gradually replaced by growth, but prices have not yet had time to jump. One of these countries — Spain (-0.1% per year, according to Knight Frank): the last five years, prices here have fallen by a total of 20-30%. The reason is that over the past year, the Russians, who were almost the main price growth drivers, did not buy property in Spain. This is a good time to buy a house at a good price.

In Georgia, now is a good time to invest. Especially buying real estate during the construction phase is profitable. By the time of putting the object into operation, the price per square meter grows twice. Also, it promotes profitable resale as there is a huge demand for real estate within the country and from foreign investors. In addition, rental apartments are in demand, on average a one-bedroom apartment costs $ 65 per day and gives $ 5,000 – $ 7,000 US per year.

According to statistics by GEOLN, the regions mentioned above are the most interesting to purchase among users of the marketplace.

Bonus to the apartment - a residence permit.

How to choose a property within your budget?  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

In the Internet rankings of countries for investment, as a rule, they do not take into account the issue of additional benefits from the purchase of the real estate, and in fact the price and potential profitability — not the only indicators that should be paid attention to when choosing a property abroad. In some countries, the purchase of real estate allows you to obtain citizenship or residence permit.

According to the Henley & Partners rating, the best residency program in 2017 was the program of Portugal. Its important advantages are low tax burden for legal entities and individuals and relatively low cost of minimum investment (€500 000). For comparison, to become a resident of the UK, an investor must invest in the local economy from £2 million.

But the countries with the highest growth in real estate prices either do not offer the most favorable programs for obtaining a residence permit or do not offer them at all. Residency in Hong Kong costs from $ 1.3 million. To get a residence permit in Cyprus, you need to invest from €300 thousand in the local economy, and residency in Greece will cost from €250 thousand. Both these countries were at the end of the Henley & Partners rating. 

The amount of investment in real estate in Georgia to obtain a residence permit is from 35 000 dollars.

In Turkey, you can get a residence permit through buying a property without reference to its value. Given the peculiarities of obtaining a residence permit, it is much easier to determine the region for investment.

How to choose a property within your budget?

    Choosing a property abroad, you need to collect a list of offers, compare them with each other, make sure the integrity and positive reputation of the developer, find out the available options for the acquisition, contact the developer, book a property for purchase, fly to the country where you will buy, and solve many more problematic issues that discourage any desire to invest.

How to choose a property within your budget?  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 3

Forget about all these difficult questions of choosing a property abroad. Modern technologies of work with data from marketplace GEOLN come to the rescue.

We connect the buyer of real estate directly with the developer, providing a convenient property search service and selection tools, filtering, comparison.

Choose the country, city, price, location, type, etc. The database is updated in real time, and thanks to cloud interaction with the developer and the exchange of data in real time, only current offers are at your disposal.

All information about the property is summarized in a convenient table with important parameters. When you have selected the options of interest, add them to the list to visit in the tour of real estate or send requests directly to the developer from the page of the offer. Evaluate the advantages and convenience of selection on the link -

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the developer directly by sending a request through the form on the property page.

In the database of offers of GEOLN are only verified objects and developers who pass the inspection procedure. Each object has a personal page with feedback from investors and customers. This functionality allows you to find out the opinions of other investors regarding the selected object.

How to choose a property within your budget?  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 4

Invest profitably…

When you choose an object in which you want to invest, we offer you the following benefits:

Free legal advice on the acquisition, transfer of money, registration of property, etc. (online, hotline, etc.)

Free trip to the country where you want to buy a property. Direct participation in a full tour of the selected properties, rest, hotel accommodation, excursions, dinner, etc. - (learn more for each country)

Obtaining a personal certificate for the purchase of real estate from the selected developer. The certificate gives the right and opportunity to purchase real estate from the developer, taking into account the previously agreed discount for users of GEOLN. You don't need to ask for a discount. We have taken care of everything, just show the certificate and buy at better prices.

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