How does crowdfunding in real estate work?

The opportunity to buy a fully owned apartment with the international crowdfunding system around the world, thanks to the new features of the real estate search engine.
Published at 03/02/2020

An apartment by the sea is a dream of every person, but not always our possibilities coincide with our desires. Previously, experts of GEOLN.COM compared the conditions of real estate ownership in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey, and Georgia-read here And we came to the conclusion that it is easier and cheaper to buy real estate in Georgia than in other countries of the world.

However, even with this in mind, not everyone has the finances to purchase the desired apartment. At this point, many people begin to consider buying a home on credit or in installments.

This solution has several disadvantages:

  • The apartment becomes the property of the owner only after a few years, after paying the full amount.
  • Within a few years, the family budget will spend a fairly impressive amount of money every month to repay the loan or installments.
  • If at some point you are not able to make payments, the apartment will be alienated without compensation for the borrower's expenses.
  • You will be in constant financial and psychological stress for several years, which will pass until the final payment for the apartment.

We offer another way – secure collective investment in profitable real estate – crowdfunding.  

What is crowdfunding?

This is a unique opportunity to buy an apartment together with several other buyers. At the same time, each of the invested shareholders is a full-fledged owner of the apartment.

How does crowdfunding in real estate work? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Real estate crowdfunding is a voluntary association of a group of people who form a common financial fund for the purpose of joint purchase of an apartment.

Crowdfunding for a real estate buyer is an affordable way to purchase profitable real estate, using special Internet platforms, together with other real estate investors. A distinctive feature is an affordable, low entry price, since you purchase real estate collectively.

After full payment of your share, you officially become one of the owners of the apartment. GEOLN.COM became the first platform in Georgia that allows you to conduct real estate acquisition transactions using the crowdfunding model. It should be noted that according to Georgian legislation, up to 16 people can be registered as owners per real estate property. However, we limit the investor group to a collective of 5 investors.

We answer frequently asked questions

- How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Collective ownership of real estate property allows all owners to use the apartment on equal terms, both for their own residence and for renting out for profit. The length of stay of each owner is stipulated in advance in accordance with the contract.

All issues regulating relations between owners are handled by the management company, which guarantees a minimum annual income for all owners who have invested in the purchase of real estate property. It also monitors the parties' compliance with the obligations stipulated in the contract and takes upon itself management, accounting, customer acquisition issues during the management process.

The process of purchasing real estate collectively, according to the crowdfunding model, is supervised by experts of the international real estate search engine, with the involvement of specialists who are officially in the House of Justice of Georgia go through the process of registering property rights together with investors and regulate the relationship of all parties - the investor, the group of investors, the developer (from whom we purchase real estate property) and the management company itself, which deals with the management and provision of services to both residents and owners.

- "I have other questions"...

We have already conducted more than 100 real estate purchase and sale transactions using the crowdfunding model, so we are sure that you will find answers to all your questions on a special page - Check if there is an answer to your question? You can also request additional crowdfunding presentations for the selected project on the project page and request additional information in the chat.

Crowdfunding is an opportunity to start investing with small amounts of money and affordable budgets.

Spending minimal funds, you get the opportunity to use your apartment by the sea not only for your own accommodation during the holiday but also for renting it out both independently and through a management company. Due to small investments, the payback period is higher, and the opportunity to enter the project is more accessible since you do not need an amount that would cover the cost of the entire apartment, it is enough to have a small budget and readiness.

An additional advantage of purchasing using the crowdfunding model is the platform, where you do not need to gather a group of investors,  investors have been gathered already, as the international real estate search engine has a large number of clients who want to invest remotely using the crowdfunding model.

What countries are available for buying real estate using the crowdfunding model

Despite the fact that real estate purchase and sale transactions (using the crowdfunding model) are quite popular in the world, on the international platform today, only Georgia is open for investment in real estate using the crowdfunding model.

Other countries will be opened after the introduction of blockchain technology in the legal registration structures of these countries. Since it is the blockchain technology that makes it possible to fully legally protect both an individual buyer of real estate and a collective group of investors united for the purpose of making a collective investment in real estate.

This is the reason why real estate crowdfunding is so popular in the United States, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, and is just beginning to grow in popularity in Georgia and the post-Soviet countries.

Other reasons why it is worth investing in Georgia.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Batumi

  • Geographical availability and absence of a visa regime with 91 countries of the world.
  • One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • Simple and fast procedure for buying and registering real estate.
  • The lack of real estate tax and the minimum tax on the rent.
  • Lack of a language barrier, hospitality, and cordiality of local residents.
  • The sea, the mild climate, magnificent nature, and the environment.
  • Low prices for entertainment and recreation, famous Georgian cuisine and wine.
  • Georgia is one of the top ten safest countries in Europe.

You can be sure of the profitability of your investment – if you do not come to rest yourself, you can always rent an apartment out.

Real estate crowdfunding from GEOLN.COM 

Real estate search engine GEOLN.COM offers a unique service for the real estate market in Batumi. 

We have already prepared everything for you!

  • We created a platform where we placed a lot of objects with the possibility of collective investment. In the price selection column, simply specify-crowdfunding and you will be offered objects for crowdfunding. Read more at the link -
  • We have selected reliable and verified management companies that guarantee income.
  • We have gathered a queue of investors who want to invest in a collective purchase of the real estate in Batumi together with you.

We also undertake full legal support of the transaction of collective purchase and sale of an apartment and registration of ownership rights to it.

GEOLN.COM is the first real estate search engine in Georgia, where you can find objects for crowdfunding in Batumi, only the most profitable and reliable offers. 

The process of finding objects for crowdfunding is extremely simple.

Step 1 - Select the price filter and tick the box crowdfunding on the international real estate search engine GEOLN.COM.

How does crowdfunding in real estate work? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

How to find properties available for purchase through crowdfunding?

Step 2 - Click Find and select the desired object on the search results page.

How does crowdfunding in real estate work? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 3

From the list of search results, select the desired object that is available for purchase through crowdfunding.

Step 3 - Leave a request on the project page and follow the procedure that the project manager of the developer will guide you through.

GEOLN.COM is the first real estate search engine in Georgia, where you can find objects for purchase using the crowdfunding model in Batumi, Tbilisi. There are only verified, the most profitable and reliable offers from developers.

Crowdfunding terms from GEOLN.COM 

  1. The search procedure is performed on the international real estate search engine GEOLN.COM since all the properties have already been verified and objects for collective investment have been selected.
  2. Legal support of the transaction is provided by experts GEOLN.COM - more information -
  3. The amount that each investor contributes to the general financial fund is $6,000. At the same time, it can be made in parts – $1,500 initial payment, and the remaining $4,500 to pay on an interest-free installment plan for 24 months.
  4. Each owner can stay in the apartment for 20 days a year. The schedule is drawn upon a cyclical basis, to coordinate all the nuances with your manager or on the project page posted on
  5. Days of residence can be changed in agreement with other owners through a personal online account. To do this, you need to request an exchange for the period selected by the other owner, if the owner agrees, the exchange will take place.
  6. You can rent the apartments instead of staying in them. You can rent an apartment on your own for 20 days a year, and get a personal profit.
  7. You can sell your share at any time without the consent of other apartment owners.
  8. If the property is damaged, the damage is compensated by the owner who lived in the apartment during this period. In other cases, the management company is responsible for maintaining the property.
  9. Payment for maintenance and utilities is made by the management company, the money is taken from the funds from the rental income. Utility costs for the period of their stay are paid by each owner independently-either at the reception or through the online account at a rate of 50 cents per 1 sq. m.

BI RESIDENCE management company is the first project in Batumi that offers an opportunity to invest in using the international crowdfunding system.

According to the rules of the company, the number of owners of the apartments with an area of 32.5 sq.m. is up to 5 persons, 2-room apartment 45 sq.m. – 8 people.

The cost of paying for the management company's services is 10% of the income.

Apartments are fully ready for living or renting out – with high-quality repairs, equipped with furniture and appliances. You can request an interior design project from your manager. Detailed information about the project can be found on the page -

HolidayINN - Blue Sky Tower is the first international project with a global brand and guaranteed income, offering crowdfunding opportunities.

Learn more about the project on the HolidayInn Blue Sky Tower page.

Collective investments are popular all over the world – they make it possible to invest even with a small budget. At the same time, you can earn more income than from investments in securities, deposits, or commodities. Today, this opportunity has come to Georgia, thanks to GEOLN.COM.

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