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Pavel Antonov

Original language: Russian

We were really looking forward to such a proposal on the market in Batumi, this is a unique recreational area with excellent ecology and high-class construction standards. There will be not only residential apartments, but also a world brand hotel. Accordingly, both the management company and the corresponding infrastructure - a luxurious water park, a zipline, a private yacht dock, a spa center, restaurants, etc. We are looking forward to the completion of construction. To live in such a place is an incomparable luxury, a celebration of life every day.


Original language: Russian

Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri, Batumi - Georgia's first resort-style project - a hotel on the Black Sea coast with a 5 * level infrastructure, which stands out for its presence in a green recreational area, surrounded by bamboo trees and, most importantly, the sea, which is 10-15 meters from construction site. A conceptually new format - the first one that appeared in Georgia and caused a considerable stir in the news. So, at the opening were the first persons of the country and the region. The RED CO company stands out for the quality of construction and the implementation of projects that architecturally decorate the city. In Batumi, Gudauri and Goderdzi, there are already completed projects of the company with the involvement of the world hotel brands Le Meridien, Radisson (I saw it myself, when I was skiing, went for a drive). Aloft by Wyndham planned in Bambu Beach

Natia Shubitidze

Sales manager
Original language: Russian

Good day, I want to make one note. We have no projects in Goderdzi. Our projects are located in Bakuriani, Tbilisi, Gudauri, Batumi and Tsikhisdziri. with respect

Project info

Object ID: 7783
Finished at December 2021
Price, m2 From 1300$
Buy online Details
Installment plan Down payment 30%. Installment until completion from the builder.
Bank mortgage
Property type Apart-hotel
Square from 34.00 m2
Floors 15
Apartments 551
Distance to sea 40 m.
Building phase Foundation
Condition Without finishing
Ceiling height 2.80 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Elevators 4
Security Intercom
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near supermarket
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Natia Shubitidze
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About the project

A new project of a premium class from the leading development company REDCO - Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri. A unique complex for Georgia, which combines a unique green concept and resort. The developer RED.CO offers a new format of real estate - profitable apartments of the company Bamboobeach Tsikhisdziri and hotel rooms of the famous international brand Marriot International.

This is a new real estate in Georgia, designed for a perfect investment. Investors are offered the opportunity to buy profitable apartments not in a new building, as is usual in Batumi, but in a resort, in a place of rest - Tsikhadziri. The location is the first line of the sea, which borders a bamboo grove - a natural forest. Such a location cannot be obtained elsewhere, because the ecologically clean area and the settlement of Adzharia Tsikhidziri is distinguished by clean ecology, the confluence of mountains and the Black Sea.

In the resort complex, a completely new format of profitable real estate in Batumi is provided - income from hotel rooms and apartments. This location is already very popular and will certainly cause even more interest among those categories of people who are considering passive profitable investments.

It is worth noting that real estate in Georgia is attractive for Russians, Europeans, Americans, and the Bamboobeach Tsikhisdziri complex, with the involvement of the international brand “Aloft” Marriott International, is fully consistent with the expectations of investors and predicts the development trends of spa holidays in Batumi, Adjara and Georgia. Therefore, one of the international brand hotels “Aloft” Marriott International, which was opened in the family of hotel brands Marriot in 2008, begins its activities in partnership with REDCO in this location. Currently, the Marriot network operates in 159 locations in America, Canada, Europe and Asia. The brand of the Aloft Hotel Marriott International is the first in Georgia.

Buying an apartment in Batumi with sea views from the REDCO developer is the best and first resort investment that provides a number of advantages to a private investor.

Firstly, the location is only 10 km from Batumi and 500 meters from the Peter Fortress. The iconic landmark of Batumi, Adjara, which is visited by all tourists.

Secondly, the format of this real estate is new for Batumi, but it is already in great demand all over the world.

Thirdly, the attraction of the world hotel brand “Aloft” Marriott International raises the price segment for renting and, accordingly, is profitable for your hotel room or apartment.

And fourthly, the fastest completion date is 2021.

Accordingly, evaluating these advantages of investing in real estate in Batumi by the sea, we do not pay attention to the objective benefits that the investor receives. Given that this resort is rapidly gaining popularity, apartment owners will be able to use the resort's infrastructure.

By investing, you get the opportunity to relax for you and your family in the best resort. Conceptually, Bamboo Beach in Tsikhisdziri includes:

green atrium from the second floor Green Design Society project Eco-friendly zone Private coastal strip, first line531 premium apartment outdoor and indoor poolsAloft international brand hotel Private marinaAquaparkZiplineChildren's playgroundSPA and fitness centerConference hallCar parking areaCar parking Mtirala Gonio Fortress

These advantages give all the reasons for real estate in Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri by the sea from the developer to be considered the best investment decision. The multi-functional resort of Tsikhisdziri is distinguished by a combination of mountain and sea air. It is cooler in summer than in Batumi, and warmer in winter. Tsikhisdziri has less rainfall than Batumi. Behind the Bamboo beach resort is a bamboo forest where you can walk and enjoy nature.


COMPANY:  RED-CO was established in 2012 and since then we seek to understand industry dynamics in order to develop unique living and recrea…
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Kostava st., 24. Batumi, Georgia
+995 (558) 7000 88


+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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