Which Ukrainian banks are investing in domestic business today? On what conditions are banks ready to invest in Ukrainian business?

Loans for business development in banks of Ukraine: conditions, interest rates, risks.
Published at 19/04/2021

If there is a need to invest, raise capital or a need of other investment banking services, then it makes sense to contact Investbank or a professional business broker. Brokerage services in Ukraine are provided by large investment banks, investment companies and business brokers.

Investbank ratings are publicly available - the conditions of Investbanks are stricter than those of business brokers and investment companies, since banks are limited by internal regulations and NBU requirements.

Which Ukrainian banks are investing in domestic business today? On what conditions are banks ready to invest in Ukrainian business? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

At this stage, we will learn the final conditions and the possibility of lending to the Ukrainian business after the quarantine - now it is impossible to determine the level of increase in "non-performing" loans after the quarantine.

To date, long-term programs practically do not work in banks - short-term loans are being financed to cover operating costs, as well as individual approvals for the actual issuance of loans under the concluded agreements.

In one Georgian bank, we have successfully implemented a project of "financial recovery" - this is the organization of business processes with controlling functions at enterprises (with a difficult financial situation) and have successfully brought more than 15 enterprises into a "positive balance".

What is the situation with business lending in Ukraine? Which banks lend and on what terms? Should I take loans from Ukrainian banks or still apply to international ones?


Loan name: “Term loan. Replenishment of working capital "

  • Interest rate: 17.7%
  • First payment: from 30%
  • Security (collateral): residential or commercial real estate

2. Credobank

Credit name:" Special loan conditions from the German-Ukrainian Fund "

  • Interest rate: 18 , 48%
  • Down payment: from 20%

3. Oschadbank

Loan name: “Revolving credit line”

  • Interest rate: 18.57%
  • Down payment: from 25%

4. PrivatBank

Loan name: “Non-revolving credit line”

  • Interest rate : 19%
  • Down payment: from 40%

Loan name: “KUB secured”

  • Interest rate: 20%
  • Down payment: from 25%

Loan name: “ECO non-revolving credit line”

  • Interest rate: 19.95%
  • First installment: from 30%

Loan name: "Term loan" Business development program within the framework of cooperation with the German - Ukrainian fund "

  • Interest rate: 19.95%
  • First installment: from 20%

6. Ukreksimbank

Loan name: «Строковий кредит "Розвиток бізнесу"»

Loan name: «Непоновлювана кредитна лінія "Розвиток бізнесу"»

  • Interest rate: 20.72%
  • Down payment: from 0%

7.Credit Agricole

Loan name: “Non-revolving credit line”

  • Interest rate: 21.85%
  • Down payment: from 25%

8. Alpha- Bank Ukraine

Credit name: "Term loan"

  • Interest rate: 23.66%
  • Down payment: from 30%


Credit name: “Revolving credit line”

  • Interest rate: 23.77%
  • Down payment : from 0%

10. Bank for Investments and Savings

Name of the loan: "Revolving credit line"

  • Interest rate: 24.33%
  • At the same time, there is practically no lending to the corporate sector. The business loan portfolio decreased by more than 12% in the 1st quarter of 2020.

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