What are the forecasts for investing in real estate in Ukraine after the pandemic?

Impact of covid-19 on investments, recommendations for investors in 2021.
Published at 19/04/2021

Possible scenario for the development of the holiday season: the extension of the quarantine may lead to the fact that the holiday season of 2020 will start late (it will be short - and instead of 5 months it may be 2-2.5 months)/ or, in the pessimistic scenario, it will not start at all this year in the usual sense.

What are the forecasts for investing in real estate in Ukraine after the pandemic? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

The forecast is as follows: the cost of renting apartments/rooms in the holiday season of 2020 will slightly decrease (the occupancy rate will be weak - lower than last year, due to a decrease in the "thickness of the wallet" and the consequences of the quarantine regime).

Investment projects:

 At the same time, investors/property owners take into account this pessimistic scenario of low profitability in 2020, adjusted for an increase in the future 2021 (they expect a return to higher prices and an increase in tourist flow next year). In the long term, the objects will retain the average level of profitability (losses in 2020 will be leveled).

Recommendation: buy real estate immediately after quarantine, when the market goes down, or now look for last minute offers (when the seller is inclined to good bargaining).

Rent will become less profitable due to the drop of prices, but it might be more stable and probably more profitable than a bank deposit.

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